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Case study

The challenge

Following a divestiture from its parent company, an insurance and pension provider wanted to separate its IT infrastructure and services from existing parent IT systems. To ensure a successful transition, the client wanted to migrate between IT platforms seamlessly and quickly, adhere to industry governance and compliance standards, and meet a fast-approaching deadline for the data center exit. To support its strategic objectives and move workloads from its parent company, the client considered public and private infrastructure as a service (IaaS) options, along with how to create a scalable, elastic cloud-based environment with end-to-end service delivery. With limited time to establish an IT platform of its own, the company engaged Cognizant to provide guidance and services.

Our approach

During the transition, our client had the opportunity to reduce costs, focus on innovation, improve agility and increase security for its 650 employees and 350,000 customers. To address the business requirements and market demands for a faster time to market, the Cognizant team worked to leverage a Cloud Steps Framework and designed, developed and implemented a DevOps-led migration platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using native services. After building the platform, the production workloads were seamlessly moved to a run team. As a result, our client was able to monitor and optimize the workload, providing better services and new digital solutions to its customers.

Disruption free migration to new platform

Over the 24-month implementation, Cognizant provided value to the client by accelerating its workload migration from the parent company to the newly developed IT platform. We successfully migrated over 750 mailboxes, two terabytes of Microsoft OneDrive data, 200 SharePoint sites and 40 key business applications—all without disrupting the client’s end users. We implemented IT service management (ITSM) processes, secured the client’s network, and created a digital one-stop service desk with bilingual functions supporting Danish and English. This new IT platform allows the company to contribute positively to its customers’ well-being and good health while remaining an industry leader.


mailboxes migrated to the cloud


Sharepoint sites migrated


key business applications migrated

2+ terabytes

of Microsoft OneDrive data migrated