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Managing 20 legacy technologies and 150-plus applications, with a low degree of integration, caused this global telecom operator both cost and productivity issues. Learn how Cognizant helped to automate 90% of service requests, increase customer satisfaction, and cut costs.

Streamlining operations, saving money, and improving performance metrics was on this telcom player’s agenda as it set out to rationalize its application landscape. Cognizant, already the IT supplier of the company, formed a multidisciplinary team to solve the challenges. 

Case study: IPA at European Telecom

The mission included cutting IT total cost of ownership by 50%, improving time to market by 50%, and reducing the number of top-priority incidents by 40%. To ensure success, we made sure our horizontal and vertical teams were aligned to the client’s goals and structure, instead of working in silos. Representatives from Application Management Services, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Cognizant Infrastructure Services, Enterprise Platform Services, Integrated Process Management, and the telecoms vertical all worked together.

Key elements of our approach included: 

  • An end-to-end order visibility platform that reduced top-priority incidents by 25% and order management system issues by around 13%. This led to a roughly 85% reduction in correction efforts and generated $148,600 of additional revenue in the 2017 financial year. 
  • DevOps transformation that aligned more than eight teams with the client’s strategy, facilitated seamless handovers between application development and management, reduced bottlenecks and wait times, and cut Siebel problems by 80%. 
  • Continuous integration and delivery that led to 80% faster application deployment, a 50% increase in quality, 15% to 30% lower costs, enhanced end-user experience, and better decisions through predictive reporting. 
  • Agile transformation to enable continuous delivery by merging development and IT operations into a single team, reduce deployment failures and rollbacks, facilitate earlier detection and faster correction of defects, and speed time to market. 
  • Test automation to simplify code maintenance and support multiple languages while enabling the recording and playback of web application tests and the running of multiple scripts across browsers. 
  • Cloudification to enable a steady move from on-premises to cloud-based assets, leading to a tenfold improvement in order processing times. 
  • Process automation that led to a 15% reduction in effort and zero-touch handling of more than 80% of access and authorization requests across 22 applications.

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