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You have it in your computer, smartphone, car, blow-dryer and in your vacuum cleaner. Most people have come across embedded software and connected devices, key pieces for digital transformation, without knowing it. Now Mobica, IoT software engineering services provider, and Cognizant join forces to empower digital transformation across industries.

Earlier in 2023, UK-based Mobica became part of Cognizant. The acquisition expands Cognizant’s IoT-embedded software engineering capabilities and provides clients with a deeper and broader array of end-to-end support to enable digital transformation. Mobica has built a strong reputation as a strategic partner for delivering connected software engineering services across the entire technology stack – from chip to cloud.

The skills are much needed; embedded software engineering is a fast-growing segment of the IoT and engineering market. Market intelligence firm IDC forecasts global product engineering spending to increase from $83 billion in 2021 to $164 billion by 2026. The Nordics in general, and Sweden in particular, aren’t an exception with a strong manufacturing/industrial engineering sector constantly striving to digitally transform.

A new level of intelligence

Mobica’s expertise in three key areas – connected devices and digital transformation, silicon and technology platforms, and automotive and intelligent mobility – is of great interest to many of our customers in the Nordics. Among Mobica’s current clients are ABB, Meta, Google, BMW and Dyson.

What are the benefits then? Through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and embedded devices, organizations can access an entirely new level of industrial intelligence. This is reducing machine downtime and increasing productivity, enabling better safety solutions and helping to improve efficiency. 

Extended customer connection

This is all god, but the real value is about the possibility to create new businesses models where the end-consumer is at center. Beyond the equipment itself, Mobica’s solutions help manufacturers create entirely new revenue streams by providing services that can monitor data in real time, analyze the information and produce intelligence reports. As well as providing additional income, this is helping businesses to serve their customers better and build lasting relationships, with stronger brand loyalty.

This is also where I believe manufacturing laggards will be separated from the leaders; without the capabilities to maintain an extended customer connection, the company will lose contact with its customers as soon as the car, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, etc., leave the factory. No forward-thinking manufacturer wants to let that happen.

Learn more about Mobica and visit Cognizant’s manufacturing section of the web.

Roland Revsäter

Director - IoT Sweden, Cognizant 

Roland Revsäter

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