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IPA, Intelligent Process Automation, means maximizing the value of your business by making processes smart. The task of the IPA service provider is to think on a case-by-case basis how the clients’ processes should be improved to reach the business goal with healthy Return On Investment.

IPA provides a broad overview and many different ways and technologies may be used to improve business processes.

A: smart processes

The truth is that many companies have outdated processes – processes that don’t scale or save neither time nor resources. The amount of routine work is still very high in many companies. Significant productivity gains have been achieved with intelligent automation, and there is a desire to further develop this capability in most organizations. IPA’s mission is to gain productivity as well as develop efficient and scalable business processes. The goal is to make smart business processes to help businesses prosper.

B: addressing business challenges

What are the development areas or challenges in your business processes? There is always room to improve, and the mission is to find areas that need analyzing and improvement. There can be multiple issues like process errors, a need to outsource a part of the work, problems with meeting customer demands or creating insightful reports. The part of the work can be done independently by robots, or robots can work along the people in order to do the work with the most effective and appropriate resources. IPA can also be used to unleash new business opportunities. The goal is to offer meaningful work to people, improve profitability and customer and employee experiences. 

C: results with multiple tools

When challenges have been identified, it is time to set goals. IPA does not limit the tools but finds the best ones to achieve the selected goals. IPA is distinguished by the fact that it chooses the right solutions with holistic thinking. The IPA range includes a whole ecosystem of technologies that need to be considered as a part of the larger whole. IPA can combine process development, Robotic Process Automation with Machine Learning and traditional IT capabilities. It must be understood that automation affects the overall process, which means that it is important to analyze the big picture. The ultimate goal is to find the right tools to streamline processes and find sustainable solutions.  

From a client perspective, it makes sense that all the technology needed to automate processes is scalable and easily available as a whole. Cognizant IPA is there to design and deliver the whole package.

Learn more in our IPA section of the web.

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