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There’s a shortage in supply when it comes to future technology competence. The solution? Spark the girls’ curiosity. By fostering interest from a young age and creating opportunities for real-world engagement in technology and engineering fields, Cognizant is engaging in the Girls in Tech initiative. 

Access to the right technical expertise is crucial for companies’ ability to grow and invest in the Nordics, but many companies have difficulty finding the skills they need. One way of securing the competence pipeline is to make sure that both boys and girls find the tech career path attractive.

While the number of women applying for technical and engineering programs is increasing, it isn’t enough. Currently, only 32 percent are women at the university engineering program and women occupy only 22 percent of all tech roles across European companies.

What’s the reason behind the low numbers? One clue is that girls lose interest in technology at an early age: their interest is highest in grade four and lowest in grade eight, giving a narrow four-year window to spark the girls’ curiosity.

Celebrating 2 years in Nordics

This is exactly where Girls in Tech comes in: its goal is to spark high school girls’ interest in technology and natural science to foster more women into a career in tech. As its Nordic division, Girls in Tech Nordic, gathered to celebrate its 2-year anniversary they shared the last year’s milestones.

Since its start in Sweden, the nonprofit organization has kicked off in Norway and Finland and is initiating more partnerships and collaborations. It also increased its impact through mentorship and work practice – prao. In 2024, Girls in Tech will launch in Denmark and work across the Nordics to form a closer connection between schools and businesses to bring in real-life examples.

Cognizant is part of the movement

Cognizant joined the Girls in Tech Nordic board in 2023 to contribute to the elimination of the gender gap in tech by inspiring girls to explore the exciting world of technology, science, and engineering. The engagement is also part of a wider diversity program that will help us in our own journey to becoming a more diversified company and a thriving workplace.

Besides from hosting the very anniversary, we have two seats in the board and have participated in several workshops and events where female employees have shared their experiences. By starting early, providing role models and showcasing the diverse career paths available in technology, we can hopefully contribute to a sustainable flow of women in technology.

If you’re curious about Girls in Tech Nordic and would like to join, read more here

Mats Johard

Country Manager, Cognizant Sweden

Mats Johard

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