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July, 24, 2014

TransCelerate Selects Cognizant to Develop a Clinical Trials Collaboration Platform


The Cognizant Difference

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Consulting & Solutions

Cognizant's Retail practice helps retailers turn today's pain points into new business opportunities.
Solution Spotlight
Rely on our experience to help you adopt the omnichannel capabilities that are right for your brand.


Reducing the Bullwhip Effect via Market Research-Gleaned Insights
Surveys, focus groups and interviews can identify the sources of costly variations in demand signals up and down the supply chain.
To Fund SMAC, Examine SG&A
Social, mobile, analytics and cloud are remaking retail. Here's how to reduce SG&A to underwrite your SMAC investments.
Same-Day Delivery: Surviving and Thriving in a World Where Instant Gratification Rules
Speed of delivery has become a key success factor for retailers with an online presence, including giants like eBay, Walmart and Amazon. Same-day delivery will be an increasingly critical component for both brick-and-mortar players, as well as pure-play e-tailers competing in this highly competitive marketplace.
Improving Cross-Docking Efficiency in Four Key Areas
Cross-docking is a simple warehousing process, but
one that is critical to retail companies. By improving four key areas -- Advanced Shipment Notification, barcoding, the warehouse management system and the
material-handling system -- companies can synchronize their supply chain and generate significant savings in space, labor and inventory.
POS Data Quality: Overcoming a Lingering Retail Nightmare
By embracing a holistic and repeatable framework, retailers can first pilot and then remediate data quality issues incrementally, overcoming the planning challenges created by heterogeneous POS systems.
Retail Analytics: Game Changer for Customer Loyalty
Using analytics tools and models, retailers can boost customer loyalty by creating a personalized shopping experience that customizes offers to needs.
Leveraging Retail Margins: Getting Price Right
Price dominates shoppers' buying decisions - making it critical for retailers to get prices right from the start. Today, pricing has moved from an art to a science - compelling retailers to manage it as a dedicated, technology-driven area of their business.
Future of Work Enabler: Flexible Value Chains
Enabling the flexibility to choose and source value chain elements from anywhere — and change strategy as the market demands — is a key component of the
future of work.
Planogram Compliance: Making It Work
Maintaining planogram compliance enables retail organizations to better fulfill consumers' expectations and realize higher returns from their display investments by having the right product in the right place, in the right quantity, at the right price, at the right time.
Annual Cognizant UK Shopper Experience Study: Getting personal with shoppers
Our UK version of the Shopper Study 2013 reinforces the need to get the basics right in terms of product availability and customer service. With the continuing growth in ecommerce, multi-channel and big data, getting closer with your shoppers matters more than ever.


  • Global Retailer Perfects Value Chain
  • Large U.S. Apparel Marketer
  • Department Store Merchandise Management
  • World’s Largest Online Marketplace

Global Retailer Perfects Value Chain

Our 100-member team on this project completely overhauled the client's value chain. The new system components included new enterprise information management software, supply chain changes, future state ordering, receiving process consolation and a new EIS (executive information management system).

Large U.S. Apparel Marketer

Our team performed end-to-end testing of a new application from Raymark, a Cognizant partner and leading global provider of integrated retail software solutions. Upon successful test completion, the application was rolled out to our client’s U.S. stores.

Department Store Merchandise Management

We partnered with store management to create a merchandising enhancement “factory” that helped implement critical business changes, optimize resource load, and standardize quick product-turnarounds. Our team’s services included testing, assessment, implementation and rollout.

World’s Largest Online Marketplace

Our team re-engineered the Web site to make full use of next-generation solutions, including a J2EE-based architecture. The e-commerce application runs on IBM WebSphere and interacts with JDA for order management and fulfillment.

  • Global Retailer Perfects Value Chain
  • Large U.S. Apparel Marketer
  • Department Store Merchandise Management
  • World’s Largest Online Marketplace

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