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January, 27, 2016

Cognizant Acquires KBACE Technologies to Enable Clients to Accelerate Journey to Cloud and Improve Business Agility


The Cognizant Difference

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Helping today’s leading retailers meet their biggest industry challenges

Together, we’re building more connected, convenient, innovative shopper experiences to not only meet customer demands, but earn their loyalty.

The Digital Store of the Future

Today’s consumers want to seamlessly shop whenever and wherever they are. In order to meet these demands, retailers must bring the physical and digital shopping worlds into one omnichannel experience. Cognizant helps retailers turn these possibilities into new business opportunities.

Consulting & Solutions

Cognizant's Retail practice helps retailers turn today's pain points into new business opportunities.
Solution Spotlight
Rely on our experience to help you adopt the omnichannel capabilities that are right for your brand.


Secure Payments: How Card Issuers and Merchants Can Stay Ahead of Fraudsters
Our latest research reveals that merchants and card issuers should take a layered approach to mitigating risk, by working with consumers to improve fraud detection and prevention.
Data Management in the Footwear Industry
By centralizing and integrating product information management with ERP and shop floor execution systems, footwear companies can more effectively deliver a consistent customer experience across channels and accelerate time to market.
The ‘Retailification’ of the Car Rental Industry
Rental cars are on the verge of becoming commodities. To overcome this issue, car rental companies can look to the best practices of the retail industry and use their own channels to offer customers a value‑rich, rewarding and consistent experience at every touch point, supported by a "mobile first" omni‑channel strategy.
Harnessing Social and Mobile to Court the Digital Consumer
Our recent research shows the myriad ways that digital consumers are increasingly incorporating social and mobile technologies into their shopping and buying experiences.
Customer Experience Testing: The Key to Digital Success
In the increasingly digital world, businesses must embrace and execute a well-defined customer experience testing strategy that keeps customers loyal and satisfied.
Cutting Through Chaos in the Age of "Mobile Me"
Advancements in mobile technologies are impacting nearly every aspect of the retail industry. As our research confirms, retailers can no longer treat individuals and market segments as one homogenous entity. Winning in mobile commerce will depend on companies' ability to capture and analyze optimum, real‑time data from digital, physical and personal sources and deliver highly personalized, contextually relevant experiences to today's "markets of one."
2015 Shopper Experience Study
What’s different about today’s retail environment is that people no longer go shopping the way they used to. In fact, they don’t go shopping at all. They do shopping. The mission of our 6th annual RIS/Cognizant Shopper Experience Study is to put a finger on the pulse of the customer. This year’s study is filled with insight-rich infographics, takeaways and data-based findings on shopper expectations and behavior.
Transforming Finance and Accounting to Optimize Financial Close
Many firms are working to accelerate and improve the daily financial close, but are far from ready. By formalizing the F&A value chain, modernizing and strengthening their F&A platform, assessing and optimizing existing service models and heightening overall F&A governance, companies can achieve this goal, supported by a set of success factors for measuring progress and aligning transformation activities.
Delivering User Excitement in the Digital Era Through an Enterprise Service Hub
To succeed in a digital world, enterprises must reengineer their help and service desks along a hub and spoke model, employing analytics and total case ownership to satisfy internal and external user needs as soon as they arise.
Tailoring Omnichannel Fulfillment Strategies to Network Segments
There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for optimizing the supply chain. However, when implemented with network segments, omnichannel fulfillment can help retailers optimize inventory at every point, meet or exceed service expectations and reduce the overall cost to serve.


  • Global Retailer Perfects Value Chain
  • Large U.S. Apparel Marketer
  • Department Store Merchandise Management
  • World’s Largest Online Marketplace

Global Retailer Perfects Value Chain

Our 100-member team on this project completely overhauled the client's value chain. The new system components included new enterprise information management software, supply chain changes, future state ordering, receiving process consolation and a new EIS (executive information management system).

Large U.S. Apparel Marketer

Our team performed end-to-end testing of a new application from Raymark, a Cognizant partner and leading global provider of integrated retail software solutions. Upon successful test completion, the application was rolled out to our client’s U.S. stores.

Department Store Merchandise Management

We partnered with store management to create a merchandising enhancement “factory” that helped implement critical business changes, optimize resource load and standardize quick product-turnarounds. Our team’s services included testing, assessment, implementation and rollout.

World’s Largest Online Marketplace

Our team re-engineered the Web site to make full use of next-generation solutions, including a J2EE-based architecture. The e-commerce application runs on IBM WebSphere and interacts with JDA for order management and fulfillment.

  • Global Retailer Perfects Value Chain
  • Large U.S. Apparel Marketer
  • Department Store Merchandise Management
  • World’s Largest Online Marketplace


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  • How Shoppers are Driving the Future of Retail Mobility
  • Is Mobile Marketing the Great Gender Equalizer?
  • Blending Clicks with Bricks

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