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February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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Consulting & Solutions

Our solutions portfolio for insurers includes BPS, emerging technology consulting and systems integration and maintenance.
Life, Annuity & Retirement Business Processing Services
Cognizant's Life, Annuity & Retirement Business Processing Service (BPS) helps insurers gain a competitive edge by handling routine back-office operations while you focus on revenue-generating activities. As a result, you will not only reduce costs and modernize systems, but better align business and operating models with process optimization. In the U.S., Cognizant is a fully licensed third party administrator where required.
Mobile Risk Engineering Solution
Taking risk engineering mobile to increase effectiveness and transform the customer experience.
Systems Integration & Maintenance for Insurance
We have strategic relationships with leading software companies that specialize in products and platforms specific to the insurance industry, such as agent compensation, claims processing and policy administration. Our team of business and technology experts will modernize your operations and attain best-in-class technology architecture while managing costs. Cognizant’s Platform Conversion Score (PCS) can help you decide when and where to make investments.
GeoLocus: Cognizant's Telematics Platform
GeoLocus helps insurers capture more value from Telematics. GeoLocus is a cost-effective, highly scalable, hosted solution from Cognizant that helps insurers drive stronger ROI from their telematics investments.


WhatsApp Insurance? Shouldn't WeChat?
By embracing mobile instant messaging, insurance carriers can reduce operating costs and deliver more timely, satisfying and authentic customer experiences.
Crowdfunding Insurance
The growing number of under-insured and uninsured, as well as the increased acceptance of crowdfunding initiatives, introduces new business possibilities to insurers willing to accept upfront risk in exchange for potential long term rewards.
Kidnap and Ransom Insurance: At an Inflection Point
By gathering and distilling meaning from the metadata that exists in the digital world, insurance carriers can mitigate risk for companies that have globe‑traveling executives.
Next-Generation Insurance: Tapping Into the Intelligence of Smart Homes
While the concept of smart homes is not new, the proliferation of household data from sensors and smart devices, plus advances in data analytics, present compelling opportunities for property and casualty insurers. Yet to reap the full benefits of smart homes, these companies must overcome fundamental challenges, including device costs, adoption rates, access to data, the lack of standardized communication protocols and privacy and security concerns.
The Affordable Care Act and Its Impact on Workers’ Compensation
While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is expected to reduce the number of uninsured and improve personal wellness in the U.S., the law's changes in workforce definitions will significantly impact workforce dynamics, employee hiring, employers' benefits strategies and wellness programs—requiring a reevaluation of how workers' compensation is accounted for and delivered.
Streamlining Submission Intake in Commercial Underwriting for Middle Market Segments
For many insurance carriers, data submission for intake is still a manual, time‑consuming process that ultimately takes up valuable underwriter time better spent on risk selection and pricing. We offer a streamlined submission intake process for commercial insurance firms that integrate automated tools and manual prequalification to handle ACORD forms and other data formats.
Enterprise Risk Management: Minimizing Exposure, Fostering Innovation and Accelerating Growth
Formal policies and processes for enterprise risk management (ERM) are common among large corporations, such as those in finance and healthcare. However, most technology‑focused companies consider ERM an obstacle to innovation. When properly implemented and maintained, an enterprise risk management program can lessen risk, accelerate strategic development, drive innovation and bolster bottom‑line growth.
Connect Your Insurance Customer Journey with Fundamental Needs
Digital companies successfully fulfill both implicit and explicit consumer needs. Here’s how insurers can do the same and broaden their value to customers.
Employing Analytics to Automate and Optimize Insurance Distribution
Today's insurers have the opportunity to employ advanced analytics to automate and optimize distribution, analyze and track customer patterns, enhance marketing campaigns, better manage agents and deliver more value to the business and its customers.
The Rise of the Smart Product Economy
Making products smart can deliver game‑changing innovation, enriched customer experiences and new, across‑the‑board levels of efficiency. Our latest research reveals practical steps business leaders can take to benefit from this quickly intensifying and accelerating trend.

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