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Technology is happening fast and many of us ask ourselves what impact that will have on the future job market. 

In the not-too-distant future, businesses will hire Cyber City Analysts, Customer Walker/Talker and Augmented Reality Journey Builders. Soon AI will be incorporated across most industries worldwide, however, there are still job opportunities, where you simply cannot ignore the importance of the human factor.

Cognizant’s HR manager explains further: “As Cognizant is one of the largest technology solutions companies in the world,  we believe that the future job market will be characterized by the facts that machines need people and that technology both solves – and creates – problems. Last, but not least, nothing can replace human imagination and innovativeness.”

Foundation of the future?

At Cognizant, we have taken a peek at what types of jobs that will make the foundation of the future. We believe that many people will make a career change and find employment within these new professions as a result of the technological change.

Read the full article about the 21 new job titles of the future (in Swedish) here!

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