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At first glance, Formula One racing and professional golf may appear like two very different sports. But there are common denominators between the two on both the mental and the intuitive side. Here, former Masters champion, Trevor Immelman, and veteran F1 driver, Pedro de la Rosa, tee up and share their tips.  

The ability to handle pressure; the art of making fast, confident decisions; the need for great intuition that can only be developed through years of practice; and so on. We tagged along during an afternoon round of golf with two of golf and racing’s most experienced stars, Trevor and Pedro, as they discuss their individual sports and the many ways they compare.

Part 1: Different, but the same

Pedro de la Rosa and Trevor Immelman set out for their golf adventure and discuss the pressures and sounds of golf and racing, both of which are instrumental to the player and fan experience at PGA Tour and Formula One events.

Part 2: Lights out

How does an F1 driver prepare for a race, and what does it feel like to be behind the wheel at the starting line? Trevor is wowed by the details shared by Pedro, and how much data and feel plays into the decisions made in the moment.

Part 3: Driven – reaching the goal? 

Routine, repetition, practice and commitment—Trevor and Pedro talk about the vital components of world-class golf and racing. And Pedro finds new life for his own game, with great advice from one of golf’s best.

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