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Evaluate your organization’s future readiness with the “Future-Ready Business Benchmark” developed by Economist Impact and supported by Cognizant.

How future-ready is your business? After ten years of relentless digital transformation, wrenching industry change and, more recently, an onslaught of external shocks, it’s difficult to envision what “future-ready” even means.

To better understand the state of the modern enterprise and how leaders are preparing for long-term success, we commissioned The Economist Impact to conduct a survey of 2,000 senior executives. The study assesses and compares businesses across ten countries in eight industries using a range of metrics that characterize what it means to be a “modern business”. You find the survey results here.

Survey results behind index

This survey, in turn, formed the core data set for a future-ready business index, based on multiple data feeds, that helps leaders understand what they need to do now. We turned this index into a benchmarking tool that helps you assess your current progress and identify areas for improvement. It’s free and you can try it out yourself: go to tool.

For more information, please also visit our modern business section of the web

Euan Davis

Associate Vice President, Cognizant

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