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As businesses navigate the changes the pandemic has wrought, three watchwords stand out: complexity, resiliency and speed. This is where IPA comes in, according to our study with 4,000 executives.

To better understand the role of digital technologies, including automation, in a world dominated by digital and disrupted by Covid-19, we surveyed 4,000 executives globally and across industries. When we asked the executives to name the forces that would have the most significant impact on their organization’s work by 2023, AI, automation and analytics are the three technology areas – along with hyperconnectivity – that top the list.

It’s also the integration of these three technologies that turn robotic process automation (RPA) into the more impactful intelligent process automation (IPA). With IPA, AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are integrated into the process flow to create smart workflows that learn and adapt on their own. By applying IPA, companies can increase efficiencies and gain new capabilities beyond human abilities – such as processing millions of documents and applications a day, spotting and resolving issues within each, and making improvement recommendations.

Learn more about IPA by downloading our study.

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