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A Salesforce-based solution is improving this firm’s relationship with independent brokers, by providing a consistent and coherent window into its processes. Both user experience and quality have changed to the better.

The independent mortgage brokers faced multiple challenges when working with this major U.K. financial services firm. Due to communication, availability and service issues, brokers:

  • Had limited broker-to-firm communication options, which could potentially lead to missed lending opportunities if brokers couldn’t reach the firm quickly.
  • Lacked visibility into case processing and access to relationship managers.
  • Worked within an inconsistent user experience, which hindered personalized service for their customers.

To transform the firm’s relationship with the independent brokers, Cognizant developed a digital, Salesforce-based solution. The new solution facilitates broker access to the firm’s resources, as well as provides a consistent and coherent window into its processes. It connects brokers with who they need, when and where they need access, and enables the firm to contextualize brokers’ needs in near real-time. A new, responsive user interface gives brokers browser-based accessibility on mobile devices.

So far, the company has experienced several advantages. With its new solution in place, the firm now provides a rich, seamless and intuitive broker experience. The firm dramatically boosted both its NPS and service scores, and it is the first choice for brokers. It now offers a 360-degree view of broker details to relationship managers, the mortgage brokers confirm they have a better user experience and the quality of services has improved. 

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