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Cognizant Finland and Finnish Golf Union Partnership continues and expands as the signature partner for the Finnish National Golf team and Cognizant Cup the Finnish International Junior Championship.

This year, Cognizant and the Finnish Golf Union are building on their successful partnership by shifting the focus to also foster the next generation of talent in golf. 

This strategic shift aims to emphasize, not only ladies and girls, but also junior golf in general, supporting young players and being The Signature Partner of the Finnish National Golf team. “This initiative aligns with Cognizant’s commitment in using technology to enhance sports experiences and support community-building efforts through sport,” says Toomas Kalpio, Sales Director, Cognizant Finland.  


“Promoting well-being and equal opportunities in competitive sports is important for Cognizant much in the same way as investing in the future of women and young talent in technology. At Cognizant, we are dedicated to investing in young talents who represent the future, not only in technology but also in competitive sports.”

The Finnish Golf Union’s primary focus in this partnership is to facilitate the growth and development of young talents, recognizing that golf teaches numerous life skills and promotes a physically active lifestyle. 

By nurturing a substantial network of junior golfers across the nation, the Finnish Golf Union remains more committed than ever to enhancing well-being and using sports as a powerful tool for positive community engagement.

“We are excited to see the growth and development of junior golfers under this renewed focus and look forward to the advancements our collaboration with Cognizant will bring to the sport,” added Kimmo Rantamäki, Head of Marketing from the Finnish Golf Union.

Find out more about the partnership.

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