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How will data, technology and collaboration drive the next phase of sustainability in business? To find out, Oxford Economics helped us survey 3,000 executives on their sustainability plans, challenges and vision. The conclusion? A new breed of business is emerging.

From our research over the last three years, we’ve concluded successful businesses in the coming decades will be those that embed sustainability thinking into the very core of all they do inside and outside the organization, all the way through their value chains and product and service lifecycles. Our ongoing research has tracked how the concept of sustainability has expanded and intensified.

In our most recent study, where we worked with Oxford Economics to survey 3,000 executives across every market and sector, we took a closer look at the actions businesses are taking now or plan to take in the near future, as well as the challenges holding them back from meeting their goals.

What we see now is that sustainability is fast becoming not just a way of doing business but a way of being a business; 95 percent of respondents say that sustainability is a vital element of their corporate strategy. These organizations will be sustainable to the core – not just green but deeply green, with sustainability encoded in their DNA. What will drive this new breed is a growing conviction that sustainability can reveal new opportunities for those who respond to environmental, social, business and regulatory pressures.

Through our analysis of the survey results, we’ve devised five recommendations for how leading enterprises can outperform their markets with enduring and differentiating growth by embedding sustainability at their core.

Download the Deep Green report to learn more and sign up to our live webinar on 8th June.


Euan Davis

Associate Vice President, Cognizant

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