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It is almost an understatement to call sustainability a mega trend. It is no longer something that enterprises do of pure goodwill – it benefits the business as well. Even if it sounds far-fetched, IT plays an important role on the agenda.

54% of European enterprises has sustainability as an integrated aspect of their business plan, and up to 2025 it will increase to 77%.  These figures originates from Cognizant’s research Green Rush. It also states that 25% of the same companies’ points out that sustainability is essential for the way they work.

These are positive news, that half of the European large enterprises has a strategy for sustainability, but it is just as frightening that the other half does not! The importance of having a sustainability strategy will grow for businesses, suppliers and, not the least, their customers.

A sustainability strategy is key for future growth
Companies does not have the possibility to continue its growth journey, if they don’t focus on their environmental impact. There is a great need for organizations to continuously develop and integrate sustainability into their strategy.   

Cognizant has its own zero emission strategy for 2030 – because the IT industry itself has a large CO2 footprint. When we work with CO2 heavy industries, we apply the experience and use cases from working with our large global customers, such as producers of concrete, steel, aluminum and chemicals. 

The importance of these industries grow, when the world needs to accommodate housing for 9 billion people. This demands a change to a circular economy and usage of smarter technology.  

Experience and use cases from multiple industries
Cognizant in the Nordics innovates and implement new technologies to increase sustainability - particularly for the heaviest industries in the society. IoT solutions are good examples of what we implement. Sensors on gateways collect data, which we analyze to identify excessive energy consumption, leaks and waste.

The future consists of solutions like Internet of Things, sensors, 5G-networks, AR/VR and robots. We are already working on improving the business models for our customers to reduce their CO2 footprint.

Intelligent water management through IoT solutions
A global leader within pump manufacturing and Cognizant has together united technology with sustainability.  In order to create ”intelligent water management”, that prevents, predicts and even reacts on different operational problems, Cognizant solved the assignment with the customer through IoT, data analytics, sensors, distant monitoring and pro-active maintenance.

Today, the pump and water supplier is able to offer pro-active services to its customers, which reduces the overall energy consumption, minimizes the risk of catastrophes, as well as improves the hygiene and sanitation requirements. We see the same potential to improve in a similar way for many Nordic companies.

Let’s talk
We are very keen on having more conversations with our customers about sustainability, and we very often see that we create strong value through process improvement. The possibilities for digitalization, regardless if it is for manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, or within banking, insurance and life science, are many! Send me an email to find out more how we can help your organization.

To learn more, please visit our Sustainability pages

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