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Cognizant joins the Girls in Tech Nordic board driving the importance of inspiring girls to explore the exciting world of technology, science, and engineering.
Mats Johard Kristina Lekås


Girls in Tech is about having a sustainable flow of women in tech in the coming years. The math is simple, to have more women in tech tomorrow, we need to have a greater number of girls considering, choosing and exploring tech and science today.


Starting in early years, with girls aged 13-16, we still have the ability to inspire and influence their choice of future careers. Our ambition is to spark their curiosity to at least consider a future in tech. In order to do so, we are arranging workshops designed to lead through inspiring stories, provide the girls with tools where they can team up with other girls, brainstorm on sustainability, a favorite topic, or simply work on their own, testing and experimenting on various concepts and technologies.

We are collaborating with schools, universities, and organizations, with a focus on fun and motivation while providing on-site support to any questions regarding the future. We aspire to guide their decision-making process in tech, to support teachers in bringing innovation to the classroom, to create the possibility of a better future by diversifying the tech environment, and lastly to get the girls interest and a passion for science.

The Girls in Tech engagement at Cognizant is a part of a wider diversity program that will help us in our journey to become a more diversified company with more perspectives and consequently a more thriving place to work and develop.

Get involved! Girls in Tech Nordics


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