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How can Nordic companies extend automation initiatives throughout the enterprise to maximize gains? Currently, automation silos between different tech initiatives prevent teams from reaping the synergies and reaching their digital transformation goals. This is exactly what Cognizant Neuro addresses; it sits on top of automation tools, forming a single, intuitive automation fabric.

Without a doubt, automation already adds value, drives efficiency and improves customer experiences for a variety of organizations. The transformation has been going on for a while and among our clients in the Nordics, we see a collection of diverse yet coevolving automation technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), low-code tools, native integration platforms (iPaaS), process intelligence, chatbots and machine learning.

What’s the problem with that then? These capabilities cannot deliver business results if they are kept in silos. 

While many executives view automation as a means to take mundane tasks off employees’ hands, digital visionaries know that the ultimate prize is now the customer. Leaders in the experience economy go well beyond efficiency and cost benefits and use intelligent process automation (IPA) to enable enhanced customer experiences.

Getting there, however, might be easier said than done.

A smarter way to deliver IPA

At Cognizant, together with clients, we developed a simpler and more effective way to achieve the full potential of IPA. All organizations will seamlessly need to embed digital technologies to boost human productivity. This is what Cognizant Neuro offers you and your organization.  

Cognizant Neuro is an automation fabric that is the very centerpiece for delivering successful process automation – breaking down silos and allowing information to flow freely between departments. This creates opportunities for enterprises to thrive through more adaptive workflows, better decision-making, greater productivity and more innovation.

Sebastian Toro is responsible for the new Cognizant Neuro platform in the Nordics – and he likes to draw a parallel to how the Windows operative system works.

“Just like Windows, Cognizant Neuro weaves together diverse technologies to mask the complexity of underlying application and process landscapes, enabling work and empowering workers. The automation fabric is the layer where work gets done.”

Tech agnostic, modular solution

How might Nordic enterprises benefit from the modular suite of solutions that Cognizant Neuro offers? Nordic companies, many of which were early adopters of RPA in a global context, now struggle with advancing their initiatives. Since implementing the first automation solutions, progress has halted.

“This is where the beauty of Cognizant Neuro comes in. You can continue to build on previous automation investments to accelerate development and maximize gains at your own pace while avoiding vendor lock-in,” says Sebastian Toro.

What about similar solutions on the market? While some of the modules, or similar ones, already are in use separately, what stands out is the width of the platform. The scope of end-to-end tech agnostic platform is also the main reason for the analysts’ positive response; Cognizant Neuro fills a gap in the market. RPA vendors are also welcoming the solution.

Flexible solution, fast results

Clients can start with Cognizant Neuro wherever they are in their intelligent automation journeys and use as many or as few solutions as they need.

“If you already have an RPA initiative running, the platform will increase the efficiency and output of that automation investment fairly soon,” says Sebastian Toro.

Cognizant Neuro can be used as-a-service within the framework of an ongoing engagement with Cognizant, delivered in a hybrid model, or implemented on-premises and managed by the organization’s team.

You can get more details about the solution at Cognizant’s dedicated Neuro section of the web. Here, you can also find a Forrester report about the advantages of automation fabrics and watch a webinar.

Anne-Sofie Risåsen

SPE Service Line Sales Leader for Northern Europe

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