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Whether it’s migrating the entire core infrastructure to one or more cloud service providers, aka hyperscalers, or just simplifying a handful of processes using Software as a Service (SaaS) tools, the cloud represents the digital future. The pandemic has accelerated the ongoing cloud adoption and during 2021, 51% of Nordic organizations are predicted to reach IDC’s highest level of cloud maturity.

With Finland as the leader, and Sweden just behind, the majority of large Nordic businesses have deployed a cloud-first strategy and prefer to rent specific cloud services rather than investing and managing software themselves.

How do you succeed with your cloud initiatives to gain a competitive advantage? Among other things, this eBook covers:

– Status and opportunities in the Nordics
– The CIO’s two big challenges
– Fostering an innovative culture
– Accelerating cloud via interconnectedness
– Achieving a smoother cloud migration
– Speeding up application modernization 
– Case study: AWS-based cloud platform migration for Danish insurer

Cloud adoption has increasingly become a key enabler for digitalization and for realizing data-driven businesses. Read the eBook to learn how to drive digital value and accelerate modernization through the cloud. 

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