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In late 2023, we started a long-term collaboration with Alm. Brand Group, one of Denmark’s largest property and casualty (P&C) insurer, to provide integrated automation and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. The engagement strengthens our position as the number one provider of back and middle office services for the Nordic insurance industry.

Alm. Brand Group (ABG) is a unified, Danish insurance group with more than 700,000 customers combined, making it Denmark’s second-largest non-life insurance company. As part of initiatives to strengthen its future competitiveness, ABG chose Cognizant, and our multilingual delivery hub in Vilnius specializing in insurance and automation, as its new outsourcing partner. Here, we pair operational advantages with cultural alignment to help clients advance their digital transformation.

Automation of repetitive tasks

For the account opening in February 2024 in Vilnius, all Cognizant teams working for ABG joined across multiple locations in person and virtual: Lithuania, Poland, India, and Denmark. We will provide a range of business processes previously outsourced by ABG to other vendors, as well as transition additional business processes directly from ABG. As part of the collaboration, we also expect to automate a range of processes including insurance policies and administrative tasks, which are traditionally manual and repetitive.

We will also help identify further automation potential alongside ABG’s automation specialists. During 2024, Cognizant plans to consolidate all ABG’s outsourced processes in Vilnius for efficiency reasons.

Supporting major insurers

What’s in it for ABG then? The insurance sector has a vast potential to modernize its operations, and automation is a highly effective technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer experience. Automation often sets businesses up for future readiness – and paves the way for other technologies and a greater competitive advantage.

ABG chose Cognizant thanks to our automation knowledge and the nearshore advantages such as a local team, a solid Nordic market position and a safe transition. By adding ABG to our existing list of companies we serve, we now support some of the major property and casualty (P&C) insurers as well as life and pension (L&P) providers in the Nordics from the Vilnius center.

Learn more by visiting our insurance section of the web and Cognizant Vilnius hub page.

Lars Sønderby

Nordic Sales Director, Financial Services, Cognizant 

Lars Sønderby

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