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There is growing concern that Norway may not be on track to achieve its 2030 climate targets in comparison to other nations.

To reverse this trend, a concerted effort is imperative. This entails facilitating favorable conditions for scaling up sustainable initiatives, fostering heightened collaboration throughout the ecosystem, and necessitating a fundamental overhaul of governmental support for the advancement of eco-friendly transformations.

Renewing momentum for climate objectives
Norway finds itself at a critical juncture concerning its climate ambitions for 2030. The nation's progress, when juxtaposed with that of its global counterparts, is raising legitimate concerns. To steer this trajectory in a more favorable direction, a strategic revamp is indispensable.

Enhanced support for scaling up
In order to bridge the gap and expedite progress, it's essential to provide enhanced support for scaling up sustainable endeavors. This involves creating an environment where innovative solutions in the energy sector can grow and flourish unimpeded. By offering better terms for scalability, Norway can encourage more robust investments and ensure that promising initiatives have the resources they need to make a substantial impact.

Cultivating collaborative synergy
No transformative journey can be undertaken in isolation. Collaborative synergy across the entire ecosystem is pivotal. This encompasses fostering partnerships between governmental bodies, industries, research institutions, and communities. Such collaborations can facilitate the exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources, resulting in a collective force that propels Norway forward in the pursuit of its climate goals.

Rethinking governmental support
For a comprehensive green transition, a fundamental reevaluation of how the government supports eco-friendly initiatives is imperative. Policies, regulations, and incentives should be recalibrated to incentivize sustainable practices and investments. By adopting a forward-looking stance and aligning governmental support mechanisms with the intricacies of the green economy, Norway can catalyze a more effective and impactful transformation.

We have a challenge!
“Our Customers have specific ambitions towards meeting their net zero targets efficiently while delivering value chain through Energy Transition. Which technologies and what is the way forward, considering the challenges coming from Energy Integration? Solutions towards a more reliable and affordable energy transition are supported by Cognizant best-in-class digital approach, from data analytics to customer experience, our innovative solutions are already helping our customers to define their own path, combined with AI and Machine Learning, towards a faster and real time business transformation”, explains Jonas Tavares, Account Executive Director for Energy and Renewables at Cognizant.

In conclusion, Norway's current trajectory vis-à-vis its 2030 climate targets warrants immediate attention and strategic action. By bolstering support for scalable green projects, nurturing collaborative efforts, and reimagining governmental backing, Norway can pave the way for a more successful and expedited transition towards a sustainable future. To learn more head on over to our Sustainability pages.

Jonas Tavares

Account Executive Director | Energy and Renewables, Cognizant

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Business Strategist with extensive experience at the Energy Sector, including Renewables and Subsea Technologies. Supporting the development of future business solutions towards Energy Transition.

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