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February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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Identifying Early Adopters for Emerging Digital Travel Services
Whether you are a travel supplier or intermediary, understanding early technology adopters is essential for developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Phocuswright and Cognizant recently completed a study of 2,000 U.S. travelers aimed at understanding the latest trends in U.S. consumer leisure booking behavior and experiences. The findings reveal that early adopters embrace emerging technology and services across the entire travel life cycle—from travel discovery to shopping, booking and throughout the actual travel experience.
The ‘Retailification’ of the Car Rental Industry
Rental cars are on the verge of becoming commodities. To overcome this issue, car rental companies can look to the best practices of the retail industry and use their own channels to offer customers a value‑rich, rewarding and consistent experience at every touch point, supported by a "mobile first" omni‑channel strategy.
How Airlines Can Deliver a Personalized Customer Experience During Operational Disruptions
By creating 'personas,' airlines can determine how and where customers want to engage and customize offers that secure loyalty and elevate brand reputation.
2015 Shopper Experience Study
What’s different about today’s retail environment is that people no longer go shopping the way they used to. In fact, they don’t go shopping at all. They do shopping. The mission of our 6th annual RIS/Cognizant Shopper Experience Study is to put a finger on the pulse of the customer. This year’s study is filled with insight-rich infographics, takeaways and data-based findings on shopper expectations and behavior.
The Social Media Mandate for the Hotel Industry
It's time for hospitality companies to harness the power of social media by assessing the suitability of various channels for their ability to increase customer engagement, enhance customer satisfaction and improve retention rates.
2014 Global Traveler Study
This 2014 Global Traveler Study represents a global survey of travelers across a wide range of demographics. The study is a collaborative effort between Cognizant Business Consulting and Hospitality Technology magazine. Through broad consumer surveys and exhaustive analysis, Cognizant has uncovered valuable information about consumer preferences for the use of mobile devices, social media and loyalty programs as a part of their hotel and restaurant engagement, in all phases of the guest lifecycle.
Travel Planning 2020: The Journey Toward Market Prosperity
By harnessing Code Halo thinking, travel and hospitality companies can transform their business models by offering an automated and customized trip planning experience, ushering in a new era for the travel industry.
U.S. Travel & Hospitality: Embracing a SMAC-Driven Future
Airlines, hotels and travel agents are driven to holistically embrace social, mobile, advanced analytics and cloud to boost business performance and retain share of wallet.
Moving Beyond Social CRM with the Customer Brand Score
Travel and hospitality organizations can boost customer loyalty by better understanding customer behaviors and attitudes and leveraging social media to create an army of brand advocates.
New Airline Mandate: Own the Travel Ribbon for Ultimate Customer Engagement
With so many financial and other global challenges facing the airline industry, the need to market and sell more ancillary products and services has never been greater.


  • Managed Services Benefits U.S. Casual Dining Company
  • Large Hotel Operator Merges Reservation Systems
  • Facility Maintenance Company Improves Functional Efficiency
  • Helping a Worldwide Hotelier Manage an Aggressive Acquisition Strategy

U.S. Casual Dining Company Benefits with Managed Services

After having outsourced its IT operations a decade ago, this Cognizant client became interested in better managing its F&A costs through managed services. With its A/P department a major cost center, the company saw this as a good starting point.

After we helped them transition this function successfully, the company opted to source several other F&A processes, including payroll management and restaurant accounting. This resulted in an expected total annual cost savings of 38% and millions of dollars.

Large Hotel Operator Successfully Merges Reservation Systems

This Cognizant client with over 7,200 properties ran into customer service problems when it tried to combine all its properties onto a single reservation system following a series of mergers. After determining that a new system built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) was needed, our team developed and deployed a single integrated solution that allowed seamless data flow across applications.

The solution gave the hotelier a competitive advantage by providing better visibility to inventory and rate data. DOWNLOAD PDF

Facility Maintenance Company Improves Functional Efficiency

Cognizant has helped a leading US based Facilities Maintenance Company automate their invoice processing and reduce the billing cycle time by 40%. Additionally, Cognizant has helped this company standardize their call center operations with Smart Scripting to improve efficiency by 60% while reducing the overall cost.

Helping a Worldwide Hotelier Manage an Aggressive Acquisition Strategy

With 7,200 hotels worldwide, this Cognizant client continued to enter new markets and expand its customer base through an aggressive acquisition strategy. However, ensuring seamless absorption of the acquired companies into the hotelier’s systems and technology was a difficult process with long-term ramifications. The hotelier engaged our T&H practice for help with systems integration, domain consulting and application development expertise. Time-to-market was accelerated by an average of three months with a cost savings of 50%. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • U.S. Casual Dining Company Benefits with Managed Services
  • Large Hotel Operator Successfully Merges Reservation Systems
  • Facility Maintenance Company Improves Functional Efficiency
  • Helping a Worldwide Hotelier Manage an Aggressive Acquisition Strategy

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