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About Cognizant Delivery Centers

Engineer your modern business

At Cognizant, we give organizations the insights to anticipate what customers want and act instantly to deliver on those demands. They can then achieve the goal of every modern business: staying one step ahead of a fast-changing world.


Centers of Excellence

Cognizant has a strong local footprint in Europe focusing on end-to-end digital products and solutions using value-driven agile delivery model. Since 2008, we have established over 20 Delivery Centers in Europe providing nearshore and regional services to both global and regional markets.

Our Clients

Our Delivery Centers serve over 100 clients globally.

Our People

We have an entrepreneurial and diverse workforce working together for everyone's benefit.

Our Skills

We operate in over 30 languages and constantly skill up our people on the latest technology.

Benefits of working with us

Integrated delivery/ Industry relevance​

We tailor our services to specific industries and utilize an integrated global delivery model. This seamless global sourcing model combines teams at the client locations with delivery teams located at dedicated Delivery Centers. Partnering with us lets you stay relevant today, while unlocking remarkable achievements tomorrow.

Customer experience​

Great customer experience can change lives. Experience has become more important than price or product. Put simply, experience is everything if you want to turn customers and employees into loyal brand champions. Let us help you change the lives of your employees and customers with the help of our Delivery Centers.

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Our unique talent​

At Cognizant we thrive on ideas and opportunity. We work with talent that follows an innovative career track, challenges convention and engineers impact.



The biggest brands people rely on every day—rely on our people every day


Employees worldwide


Total revenue


Fortune Modern Board 25

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built relationships with market-leading companies around the world.

29 of the top 30 global pharma companies

9 of the top 10 European banks

9 of the top 10 media companies

23 of the top 25 healthcare plans

What we do

We use expertise that’s been proven and tested around the globe to help you get ahead of challenges, sense opportunities sooner and outpace change.

Transform experiences

Reach new levels of convenience, elegance and beauty with hyper-personalized experiences that connect faster, generate growth and build brand loyalty.

Reimagine processes

Learn how process automation and technology can help your business act with the kind of insight, precision and speed needed in our fast-changing world.

Modernize technology

Stay relevant today and ready for tomorrow with software built to learn and deploy massive processing power—all unlocked in the cloud to create value in every byte of data.

Move beyond just running your business by turning it into one that sees the next best action, and then acts as if on intuition—in the moments that matter.

Our culture inspires us to live our values

Each member of our team takes responsibility for creating a culture that enables exceptional outcomes.

What we value

We help imagine, build and implement technologies to keep our clients constantly aware and responsive.

What we believe

Our social purpose weaves environmental and social considerations into every element of our business model.

Who we are

Every day, all around the world, our people engineer impact―with their clients, communities, colleagues and in their own lives.

How we behave

We respect everyone’s unique voice and background because we know that diversity helps us thrive, and we benefit from having everyone at the table.

Delivery Centers in Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania

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