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March, 26, 2015

Software Robots Making Business Smarter - New Cognizant Study Shows Dramatic Impact of Intelligent Process Automation


The Cognizant Difference

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Consulting & Solutions

Cognizant offers many solutions well suited to consumer goods companies, including trade promotion management and software and services focused on the cloud, social media and analytics. Click here to view our Consumer Goods practice overview.
Trade promotion management is a large cost item for consumer goods companies. Our TPM/TPO solution and process re‑engineering services help you measure ROI so you can optimize descision‑making. We offer TPM/TPO consulting, solution selection and process re‑engineering that can help you systematically measure ROI and spend effectiveness.
Marketing Services & Branding
Marketing is increasingly about data, insights and ROI. Our teams are ready to help you rewire your marketing function, from managing the data and the capability set, to how to read and interpret it, to creating an enterprise digital marketing capability. Our services for consumer goods companies include social collaboration, AssetSERV—our digital asset management solution—and marketing digitization. We also offer interactive marketing and marketing analytics.
Sales Effectiveness Solutions
Create competitive advantage and improve your return on in-store promotions and merchandising spends with our services, including trade promotion management, sales process improvement, retail execution solutions and AssetSERV, our digital asset management product. We also offer Qualytics, our pre‑built analytics solution and our social data and sentiment manager to analyze social network conversations.
Supply Chain Management
Become leaner and faster through supply chain intelligence to streamline supplier network collaboration, warehouse management and other key areas of your business. Our services include supply chain strategy and transformation, supply chain planning, supply chain execution and supplier network collaboration. We also offer warehouse management and the SMART Toolkit—Cognizant's S&OP Maturity Assessment/Reporting tool to optimize sales and operation.


Orchestrating a Supply Chain Competitive Edge
An effective supply chain is the key to creating business value. This paper will help you benchmark your performance today and take a methodical organizational approach to improving your supply chain effectiveness.
Exactly Who Are Your Customers?
Predictive analytics provides the answers, enabling marketers to create value with consumers -- and drive brand growth for brand owners.
Supply Chain Management of Locally-Grown Organic Food: A Leap Toward Sustainable Development
With the organic food market growing rapidly worldwide, supply chain issues loom large in farmers' ability to provide organic produce and meats. Some key issues include accountability and traceability, reducing time to market, controlling food mileage, better integration of supply chains with small farms as well as industrial organics and enhancing value delivery networks and value chains.
2014 Shopper Experience Study
As retailing continues to change rapidly because of digital technology, the imperative of putting yourself in the customers’ shoes remains vital. Our fifth annual Shopper Experience Study can help you understand the latest trends and align retail strategies with shopper expectations.
2014 Supply Chain Planning Benchmark Study
This study details current and future supply chain planning strategies, practices and trends and is based on the findings of a major study of supply professionals conducted in late summer 2013.
Time for Consumer Goods Companies to Rethink Digital Marketing
Consumer goods companies must reinvent their digital marketing capabilities to move consumers along the path to purchase by consistently delivering highly personalized, authentic and valuable brand experiences across marketing channels.
Manufacturers, Retailers Look to Adaptive Supply Chains to Increase Revenue, Cap Costs, Boost Productivity
Changing market dynamics and emerging technologies enable players across the consumer goods value chain to revisit their supply chain strategies to propel growth and gain operational efficiencies.
U.S. Consumer Goods: The Case for Putting Analytics at the Core
With social media and mobility moving ahead, consumer goods manufacturers will soon be awash with customer data. To grow market share, manufacturers should put analytics at the core of their endeavors.
Beyond the 'Perfect Order' Index: Obtaining a True Measure of Customer Value
Manufacturers and retailers need to rethink order execution to create continuous value and resolve customers' most pressing needs.
Inventory Management: How Incremental Improvements Drive Big Gains
By feeding social and mobile data into planning systems and overlaying analytics, manufacturers and retailers can reduce inventory waste and more precisely target customers.


  • Web Portals Maximize Orders, Boost Client Loyalty
  • U.S. Food Company Successfully Migrates to SOA
  • Better Warehouse Management for an Electronics Retailer
  • Marketing Services Company Achieves Trade Promotion Compliance

Web Portal Solutions Maximize Orders, Enhance Customer Loyalty

We have helped numerous consumer durables companies achieve better bottom‑line results. For example, for a large consumer products company, we replaced an inefficient Excel-based trade promotion planning tool with a one‑stop Web portal covering all activities—from planning and approval to evaluation of executed campaigns.

Similarly, for a global frozen‑foods giant, we helped create a comprehensive Web solution. It maximized online order volume and implemented a streamlined customer e‑loyalty system.

  • Replaced trade promo spreadsheet with Web portal for consumer products company
  • Maximized online volume with Web solution for a global food giant
  • Web portal streamlined customer e‑loyalty system for a frozen foods company

U.S. Food Company Successfully Migrates to SOA

We successfully migrated the entire application portfolio for this company to the latest service oriented architecture, resulting in a 25% increase in efficiency and a 20% reduction in operating costs.

  • Migrated entire application portfolio to SOA
  • 25% efficiency increase
  • 20% drop in operating costs

Better Warehouse Management for an Electronics Retailer

For a leading consumer electronics retailer, Cognizant developed a customized Warehouse Management System and rebuilt the shop-floor control system. We also developed interfaces for JDA Manugistics modules to provide replenishment services to the data centers. Moreover, we routinely handle bug fixes and enhancements to applications used by the chain’s finance, merchandise, retail and commerce business units.

  • Rebuilt the shop floor control system
  • Provided replenishment services to data center
  • Handle all bug fixes and enhancements for business units

Marketing Services Company Achieves Trade Promotion Compliance

We implemented a promotion execution system for a leading single-source marketing services company to help track promotion compliance. Related goals were to measure promotion effectiveness, manage in-store merchandising campaigns and process merchandising campaigns for customers.

The new system enhanced visibility into in-store execution and enabled more effective tracking of promotion compliance. It also provided a single consolidated solution for different lines of business.

  • Enhanced visibility into in-store execution
  • Enabled effective tracking of promotion compliance
  • Created single, consolidated trade promo solution
  • Web Portal Solutions Maximize Orders, Enhance Customer Loyalty
  • U.S. Food Company Successfully Migrates to SOA
  • Better Warehouse Management for an Electronics Retailer
  • Marketing Services Company Achieves Trade Promotion Compliance


Embrace digital asset management, social collaboration and interactive marketing to accelerate your sales and marketing efforts, drive top-line growth and enable emerging digital marketing capabilities. Our services for retailers include:

  • Social collaboration.
  • Digital Asset Management.
  • Marketing digitization.
  • Interactive marketing and marketing analytics.

Gain new insights and make more informed decisions about supplier spend, sales processes, in-store promotion and retail execution. Create competitive advantage and improve your return on in-store promotions and merchandising spends with these services:

  • Qualytics: Our pre-built analytics solution.
  • Social data and sentiment manager: Mines conversational data and analyzes social network conversations.
  • Market mx modeling.
  • Supplier spend, pricing and brand analytics.
  • Master Data Management (MDM).

Become leaner and faster through supply chain intelligence to streamline supplier network collaboration, warehouse management and other key areas of your business. Our services include:

  • The SMART Toolkit: We use Cognizant’s S&OP Maturity Assessment/Reporting Toolkit to optimize your sales and operations environment.
  • SCALER Supply Chain Framework: Our supply chain application framework that evaluates your supply chain landscape across key dimensions and provides a variety of reports to trigger actions aimed at making your operations leaner and more agile.
  • Transportation Management: Helps optimize your SAP, Oracle and JDA transportation systems using latest IT platforms ( including cloud and BPaaS) plus a combination of Cognizant solution accelerators such as STEER and Tran$ave.
  • Supply chain intelligence.
  • Multi-echelon inventory optimization.
  • Supplier network collaboration.
  • Warehouse management.

Our OTA Translator Tool maps proprietary supplier-application data to the corresponding OTA XML message in half the usual development time. It does so while ensuring smoother interoperability among applications, seamless integration and lower time to market.

Marketing & Branding
Sales Effectiveness Solutions
Supply Chain Management


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