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Building skills in the community

We focus our industry‑leading expertise on, and provide financial support to, organizations that make a positive change in the world. We support skill‑building and workforce programs, and improve the operations of non‑governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world.

Cognizant Outreach

The Cognizant Outreach program mobilizes our associates’ expertise and enthusiasm through volunteer work.

To make an impact in the areas that are strategically aligned to our business, we focus on:

  • Supporting inclusion in tech. We support community projects that help advance technology education, training and inclusion.
  • Increasing the use of technology for good. We utilize technology to deliver improved social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Tech for community

Encouraging seniors to experience new technologies  

Seniors learn to create a virtual helper for daily medication reminders.

  • Inspiring more communities to embrace technology

    Cognizant Outreach Singapore in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) participated in Tech Bazaar, an initiative organized by the National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore to encourage seniors to experience and discover some of the newest and emerging technologies in the market.

    We had two lead trainers and more than 20 volunteers from Cognizant sharing their time and technology know-how to teach the seniors how to create a personal virtual assistant with Amazon Alexa for medication reminders. With Alexa Skill Blueprints, our seniors not only built a simple helper, but they also configured personalized responses and explored using the App for other types of tasks that can improve their everyday live.

    One of the unique features of this workshop was having a volunteer to assist every senior personally. Given that the learning pace and skilling needs differ significantly in this age group, ensuring every senior was matched with a volunteer helped them pick up these skills at their own pace.

    The outcomes shared by NLB have been very encouraging. All the participants agreed that they learnt a new skill and more than 90% shared that they enjoyed the program and are confident in using what they have learnt. In line with the shift in Singapore’s healthcare strategy, we hope to continue reaching out and inspiring those in our larger community to embrace technology to improve their everyday life.

Inclusive societies

Building a digitally inclusive society

Creating opportunities for companies to integrate social impact into the core of their business.

  • Cognizant Outreach Singapore receives Digital for Life Champions award

    Cognizant Outreach Singapore in collaboration with Amazon Web Services proudly received the Digital for Life Champions award. We were one of a group of 19 partners who received the honor from Minister for Communications and Information Mrs. Josephine Teo in recognition of our efforts to support inclusion in tech.

    The Digital for Life (DfL) national movement by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) was launched in February 2021 to activate the community in building a digitally inclusive society for Singaporeans. Cognizant Outreach Singapore has been supporting IMDA's digital inclusion initiatives for students, senior citizens, persons with disabilities and the general community for the past six years with the help of our team and volunteers who have been sharing their time, talent and technology to help drive this meaningful movement.

    Since the launch of DfL, we have pivoted our tech inclusion initiatives by launching both the Digital for Life 1:1 Digital Skills Mentoring program for women with our esteemed partner Daughters of Tomorrow, as well as  training students and senior citizens on Alexa Skills Blueprint with our partner Amazon Web Services.

    This movement has opened collaboration opportunities for companies to integrate social impact into the core of their business and come together to meet larger societal goals and bring scale to impact. 

Championing good

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Creating a positive impact on our people and environment.

We share our time, talent, and technology to empower our local communities and engage our associates and network to support inclusion in tech. 

  • Cognizant Singapore conferred Champions of Good for exemplary efforts in corporate giving

    Cognizant Singapore has been conferred the Champions of Good award in 2022 for the third time since its launch in 2017. The award was previously given out in 2018 and 2020, where Cognizant Singapore was a recipient in both years.

    Champions of Good is a national recognition initiative under the Company of Good by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) to recognize organizations that are exemplary in doing good and have been a multiplier by engaging their partners and stakeholders on a collaborative journey.

    Through Cognizant Outreach, we not only share our time, talent, and technology to empower our local community, we also engage our associates, clients, technology partners, institutes of higher learning, social service agencies and community partners to support inclusion in tech to make a positive impact on our people and environment.

    This award is especially significant because it is a testament to the impact of our work done during the pandemic and how we responded to the emerging challenges in the “new normal”. For example, we realized that many youths were missing out on internship opportunities due to the pandemic. So, together with the National Youth Council, we launched a Virtual Work-experience or V-Work program to coach youths to be career-ready and improve their industry connections. Similarly, we understood the need to continue supporting senior citizens with digital skilling in the early days of the pandemic. In collaboration with the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore and Microsoft, we launched the first-ever Virtual Digital Clinics which trained more than 600 senior citizens to adopt digital technologies.

    This recognition is a validation of our purpose and commitment to social responsibility, and we will continue to reach out, influence and lead the way towards a better tomorrow.

Community outreach

Empowering our communities for the future 

Supporting our communities and empowering them for the future by sharing our time, talent and technology. 

  • Cognizant Outreach Singapore receives appreciation from President Halimah Yacob

    Cognizant Outreach Singapore received an appreciation from President Halimah Yacob for our efforts towards the President’s Challenge - an annual community outreach and fund-raising campaign to help the less privileged. This is the seventh consecutive year we have received this honorable recognition.

    As part of the 2022 campaign, our volunteers took part in all the Istana Open House events and conducted Digital Skills Workshops and Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software awareness sessions for staff from benefitting agencies.

    Our partnership with National Council for Social Service's (NCSS) President’s Challenge helps further our mission of supporting our communities and empowering them for the future. Through this collaboration, we were able to impact 82 benefitting social service agencies (non-profit organizations that provides welfare services and/or services that benefit the community at large) directly and indirectly by sharing our time, talent and technology.

For more information, including our greenhouse gas emissions, see our 2022 ESG Report.