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Outthink. Outmaneuver. Compete better.

A digital strategy that enables your organization to stay ahead of the competition is just around the corner. But only if you can see what’s coming before your rivals do. Our ability to synthesize key technology and industry trends into digestible and actionable insights arms your organization with the ways and means for leading with digital.
Staying ahead of rapid technological advancements is integral to business success in today’s digital era. But keeping up and following the right course has its challenges when daily operations impinge upon any efforts to think ahead. Cognizant leaders understand digital strategy and big thinking, which you can use to get ahead.
Like wary travelers, business and technology decision-makers need roadmaps to build competitive advantage. Cognizant’s thought leadership helps you stay on course, steer around corners and achieve a competitive edge. We provide practical ways for managing your immediate business goals and pursuing longer term digital strategies that are essential for growth.

Read. Watch. Listen. Learn.

Everyone processes information differently. That’s why we deliver our insights across a range of media types and styles to accommodate nearly every preference. Learn more to optimize your learning experience.

Digitally Cognizant Blog

Points of View penned by our senior leaders that share personal and pragmatic advice for making sense of all things digital.


Short-form, transmedia content that details our best and brightest insights.

Cognizant Podcasts

Individual commentary and group discussions on today’s key digital challenges and opportunities.


A picture tells a thousand words. Keep your digital strategy on track with our colorful and compelling videos that cover a wide array of digital topics.

Information Graphics

Stories told with facts and figures to provide you with the right information quickly, when you are short on time.

Case Studies

See how and where Cognizant is delivering digital business benefits to organizations, worldwide.

Recently published insights


Listen on your favorite platform

Tune in to our expert PoVs and hear the multiplicity of ways digital is recalibrating how we live, work and play. Cognizant Podcasts highlight how your organization can infuse digital technology and thinking into its business core. Get our best and brightest views on proven ways leading companies are leading with digital.

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