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Cognizant Ocean
Blue food

Making aquaculture more sustainable, data-driven, and profitable

Blue energy

Ensuring more reliable energy across land and sea.

Blue life

Ensuring a safer, more resilient water supply

Blue transport

Extracting new value from cleaner, smarter maritime shipping


Making big waves—and a big difference—in the Blue Economy

We take a holistic approach to managing and protecting the ocean’s resources by addressing every aspect of the Blue Economy, from aquaculture and shipping to energy and carbon capture.

Using advanced technologies and a robust partner ecosystem, including innovative digital ocean and blue economy solutions, we gather, analyze and apply data-driven insights to greatly improve the health and well-being of our planet’s oceans—as well as the lives and livelihoods of those who depend on them.


Projected Blue Economy investment benefits by 2050

$6.7 T

Aquaculture and wild fisheries

$5.1 T

Maritime vessel and supply chain

$3.5 T

Offshore wind, solar, oil and gas

$200 B

Carbon capture and water utilities



Bringing innovation to the surface

We work with our clients and partners to co-create empowering solutions that help organizations transition from an “as-is/to-be” mindset to an evolutionary model of continuous intervention, improvement and impact.

  • R&D collaboration between Cognizant, clients and partners consulting advisory
  • Transition to net zero with blue economy solutions
  • Execute MVP to achieve specific, measurable, time-bound improvements
  • Sensor applications, machine learning operations, gen AI enablement
  • Next-gen initiatives create synergies across the Blue Economy
  • Disciplined, sequential scale and automation to maximize impact

Tidal and Cognizant—dedicated to sea-change

Tidal began as an Alphabet Moonshot Factory project to enhance our understanding of ocean health and the impact of climate change by helping organizations gain unprecedented visibility into the intricate aquatic relationships and ecosystems they rely on.

At Cognizant, we’re helping integrate these technologies into the enterprises that drive the Blue Economy forward, linking data and insights from across their organizations to improve efficiency and sustainability.

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Technology partnerships

We partner with leading innovators and disruptors, combining our best-in-class capabilities with some of the most trusted and well-established names in technology.

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Bringing new technology to the ocean 

Find out how next-gen technologies are helping the aquaculture industry plan for the future and sustainably scale operations.

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Talk with us about the future of blue economy solutions

Each member of our team takes responsibility for creating a culture that enables exceptional experiences.

Stig Martin Fiskå

Head of Cognizant Ocean

Isabella Lindholt

Program Lead

Aksel Hallmo

Commerical Lead

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