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Let's reshape work and enterprise right now. Start by emphasizing your digital value chain.

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Building and Benefiting from a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
To excel in today's global economy, organizations must attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce that sparks new questions, challenges old practices and offers innovative ways of collaborating that fuel outperformance.
Future of Work Enabler: Flexible Value Chains
Enabling the flexibility to choose and source value chain elements from anywhere — and change strategy as the market demands — is a key component of the
future of work.
Google Glass: Insurance's Next Killer App
Google Glass could soon transform how insurers work and engage with customers.
Marketing Analytics: A Smarter Way for Auto and Home Insurers to Gain Competitive Advantage
For personal lines carriers, defensive marketing strategies are no longer enough to win and retain customers. Given the industry's questionable returns from past marketing efforts, insurance companies will have to invest wisely and work smarter to take advantage of today's advanced marketing analytics capabilities.
Future of Work Enabler: Customer Empowerment and Engagement
Meeting the needs of the empowered consumer by providing a consistent, cohesive and compelling customer experience.
SMACking Talent Acquisition
By infusing human capital management processes with social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies, companies can hire the right people at the right time — and then keep them.
The New Process Genome: Recoding Business Process Work to Thrive in the Modern Digital Economy
Work processes, including those in the banking, healthcare and insurance industries, are undergoing significant change -- making it hard for executives to maintain the status quo. Best practices and new research insights emphasize the new role of shared services,and how businesses can begin to re-code their business process architecutres to reduce costs, drive innovation and successfully compete in the digital economy.
Creating a Learning Technology Roadmap: Maximizing Efficiency While Boosting Business Effectiveness Part II
A centralized, learner-centric architecture -- based on a strategically-driven technology roadmap -- encompasses the functions, processes, methodologies, systems and tools necessary to provide knowledge when and where needed.
The Value of Signal (and the Cost of Noise): The New Economics of Meaning-Making
It’s a new era in business, in which growth will be driven by finding meaning and insights in data. Recent research demonstrates what separates winners from losers and how to rise to the top as a "meaning maker."
Future of Work Enabler: Worker Empowerment
Worker empowerment: Learn more about one of the eight enablers for the future of work.