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January, 12, 2015

Cognizant Schedules Fourth Quarter 2014 Earnings Release and Conference Call


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Let's reshape work and enterprise right now. Start by emphasizing your digital value chain.

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Wearable Devices: The Next Big Thing in CRM
When integrated with CRM systems, wearable devices offer the same type of digital experience as desktops, laptops, smartphone or tablets, but with the convenience afforded by watches, eyeglasses and headbands. Wearables apply across the CRM spectrum - from sales, to marketing, to services.
Putting the Experience in Digital Customer Experience
As the digital revolution has gained momentum, it has become widely understood that the “digital customer experience” is the key to engage with, delight and monetize customers in the modern world. However, only a miniscule number of companies believe their customers’ current digital experience qualifies as “excellent,” our primary research reveals.
Employee Wellness: Two Parts Perspiration, One Part Persistence
With employee health affecting bottom lines, organizations need to support preemptive initiatives that encourage both personal wellness and quantifiable results. Here's how we are addressing this major challenge.
Drones: The Insurance Industry's Next Game-Changer?
Drones promise to be the next disruptive technology -- poised to dramatically alter how industry sectors, including property and casualty insurers, conduct business. Drones have the potential to streamline and reduce the cost of insurance-related processes, including claims adjustment, risk-engineering, post-catastrophe claims settlements and weeding out fraudulent agricultural claims.
Making Analytics Actionable for Financial Institutions (Part I of III)
To maximize ROI from their analytics platforms, financial institutions must build solutions that explicitly, visibly and sustainably enable real-time translation of data into meaningful and continuous improvements in their products, services, operating models and supporting infrastructures.
Retail Banking: Delivering a Meaningful Digital Customer Experience
To compete effectively, banks must fully adopt digital technologies to enhance customer experience, by providing mobile banking, omni-channel banking options, digital personal financial management and more.
Bank(ing) on Data Science
By embracing data science tools and technologies, banks can more effectively inform strategic decision-making, reducing uncertainty and eliminating analysis-paralysis.
Reaping the Benefits of the Internet of Things
Before they can realize the potential of the Internet of Things, organizations must deal with shortcomings in IT standards, skill sets and data and infrastructure management capabilities.
The Shared Services Imperative: Evolve from Cost-Killer to Value-Driver
By applying new 'SMAC Stack' technologies to enterprise work, shared services leaders can standardize and automate process work activities, while at the same time delivering greater value through process innovation, reducing risk and revealing new sources of revenue for stakeholders.
Building and Benefiting from a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
To excel in today's global economy, organizations must attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce that sparks new questions, challenges old practices and offers innovative ways of collaborating that fuel outperformance.



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