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Challenge Convention with Code Halo Thinking

Every digital click, swipe, "like," buy, comment, and search produces a unique virtual identity – something we call a Code Halo™. While Code Halos are important to each of us, they are becoming increasingly vital to the success of every business. A new book from our Center for the Future of Work reveals how organizations can catalyze business with Code Halo thinking. You can order Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations are Changing the Rules of Business (John Wiley & Sons) at:

Experience Code Halo Thinking

Code Halo™ – the information that surrounds people, organizations, and devices – are today's digital fuel. Learn how they catalyze performance by downloading our new "Code Halos" app.


Stay tuned for the team's upcoming book and app that will further illuminate the Crossroads Model and reveal how your company can make meaning and achieve Market Prosperity by embedding Code Halo‑thinking into its strategic planning and execution.