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TriZetto Healthcare Products / Interoperability Solutions

Compliant. Powerful. Proven.

Help support compliance requirements, exceed member expectations and achieve new business and better health outcomes with Cognizant Interoperability solutions.
Federal healthcare interoperability rules give consumers the power to control their health information – and demand new capabilities from payers. From incorporating the rule’s nuances to data mapping, normalization and translation, our solutions help payers meet interoperability’s challenges and deliver powerful member experiences. 
National health plans
Optimize your members’ healthcare experience, get business intelligence and develop new services by building a broader data-sharing strategy on a strong interoperability foundation. Cognizant solutions help you achieve compliance and derive maximum ROI from interoperability investments.
Regional and local health plans
Achieve interoperability compliance quickly and cost effectively while gaining capabilities to address shifting industry trends, member expectations and your changing business objectives.
Provider-owned health plans
Deploy interoperability strategies designed for your unique business structure, technology and objectives. We help your organization meet compliance deadlines while setting the stage for expansive data sharing across care delivery and health plan services.

Our comprehensive interoperability expertise, advisory services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) products help ensure your organization’s interoperability solution addresses your unique needs while you meet compliance deadlines.

TriZetto® Interoperability Data Hub

Connect disparate data sources with this powerful orchestration tool that provides clinical and administrative data aggregation, cleansing, mastering, normalization and integration for delivery through interoperability APIs.

TriZetto® Interoperability Privacy and Consent Engine

Manage the new complexities of privacy and consent management and enforcement with confidence with our configurable engine that supports regulations and data request scenarios.

TriZetto® Interoperability API Gateway

Help ensure your members’ data requests are met quickly and securely with this gateway that includes application programming interfaces (API) management, data access APIs, developer support and authentication capabilities.

HL7® and FHIR® are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International and the use does not constitute endorsement by HL7.

Give your members the power to control their health data and access it on demand through the app of their choosing. We provide all the required tools and capabilities, including APIs, an API gateway and API management, that enable your organization to support secure data access by third party applications. Our solution also enables you to support third-party developers with a portal that encompasses developer registration, access to an API library and an API sandbox.

Increased data sharing through interoperability will create new opportunities for you to differentiate your business. We will help you identify business priorities and develop new strategies to mitigate the impact of interoperability on network design and benefits. We also help you create efficiencies and generate value in “Day 2” activities such as obtaining consent, primary care physician assignment, program enrollment, utilization and care management continuity.

We help ensure your interoperability strategy remains aligned with the complex technical requirements of the interoperability rule. We track all proposed and amended regulations and scenarios that could affect your organization, integrating updates into our products as needed.

Our SaaS products easily scale to deliver the features your business strategy requires. Deploy the entire suite or select components to meet your needs. Predictable costs streamline budgeting, forecasting and operations management.

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