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TriZetto Healthcare Products / Connected Health Solutions

Empower through self-service

Does your digital strategy drive engagement? Create loyalty? Improve efficiency? Spur growth? All while meeting CMS interoperability rules?
Improving engagement with members, providers and other constituents leads health plans to drive growth and lower administrative costs.
It’s pretty simple: By empowering members with SaaS-based, on-demand access to their most current health plan and information needed to make healthcare decisions, they can make more informed choices about managing their care. And delivering providers access to transaction information in real-time reduces administrative processes that can create friction in care delivery. A win-win for everyone. 


TriZetto® EngageProvider®

Enables physicians and other care providers to access detailed information on their patients, efficiently log claims and make templates for common claims, as well as easily create referrals and authorizations.

TriZetto® EngageMember®

Members may interact anytime, anywhere and receive a detailed view of their coverage information with compelling metrics, timely notifications and relevant healthcare content.

Connected Interoperability Solution

Offers end-to-end solution that pairs modular SaaS products with industry-leading strategic consulting to connect disparate systems, standardize data and enable secure, authenticated access in real-time.

TriZetto® Digital Platform

Technology solutions that allow
our clients to focus on managing business, not IT.


Payer Cost Estimation Solutions

Flexible SaaS solutions to support compliance and deliver the treatment cost information that customers want.

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