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Be Compliance-Ready

Interoperability: Enable secure access and accelerate growth.

Designed to connect disparate systems and break down data silos to deliver secure, on-demand data access.


Cognizant Interoperability Solutions enable secure, on-demand data access to support compliance and forward-thinking business plans.

Federal rules designed to empower patients with data ownership, lower cost of care and improved outcomes, require that patients have easy access to health information from provider medical records and payer administrative systems through the app of their choice. For unprepared healthcare organizations, these rules could represent a costly and complex undertaking that disrupts business plans and upends budgets.

However, creating an infrastructure that securely supports data sharing while enforcing consent and privacy at every step paves the way for an analytically rich, data-driven organization. It is this infrastructure that will give members greater access to data and control of their health and, for healthcare organizations, turn a potential regulatory burden into a driving force for new business models and opportunities.

Cognizant Interoperability Solutions are an end-to-end offering that pairs modular SaaS products with industry-leading strategic consulting to connect disparate systems, standardize data and enable secure, authenticated access in real-time. The built-in security and modular product design combined with interdisciplinary consulting assist payers to meet requirements at market pace and lay the foundation for forward-thinking business objectives like real-time utilization management, automated care management and improved patient outcomes.

  • Start with Compliance

    For many payers, compliance with the interoperability rules is the priority. However, meeting compliance requirements and deadlines require skill, investment and strategy across multiple areas of your organization. Cognizant has invested in growing the team’s interoperability expertise and developing strategic products and services that assist payers in reaching compliance.

  • Current State Assessment and Strategic Planning

    Your investment in interoperability should enable compliance and build the foundation for a data-driven organization. Beginning with a current state analysis, Cognizant's healthcare, technology and digital engineering experts will guide you through strategic planning to identify the critical path, products and services needed to position your organization for future growth.

  • Product Offerings and Solution Implementation

    We’ll collaborate to help you establish strategies for data and security policies, SaaS product selection, installation and integration, and patient education and awareness so you can be in market faster. Modular, out-of-the-box SaaS products include:

    TriZetto® Interoperability Adapter

    The adapter integrates data from TriZetto® Facets® and QXNT™ platforms and converts it to the HL7® FHIR® standard in real-time for use when responding to interoperability request or for ingestion into sources like data lakes and data warehouses.

    TriZetto® Interoperability Data Hub

    Creates an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) and makes data from administrative and clinical systems available at scale by ingesting and storing raw, mastered and curated data to be orchestrated upon patient request and retrieval.

    TriZetto® Interoperability Privacy & Consent Engine

    A configurable data processing tool that delivers the functionality needed to support and manage consent, enforce privacy requirements of state and federal regulators and organization-specific rules. It also supports audits of privacy and consent records.

    TriZetto® Interoperability API Gateway

    Provides secure API management capabilities, supports developer and application registration, delivers data access APIs and enables SMART on FHIR® with OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect authentication for on-demand access to data from administrative and clinical systems by users, including other plans, providers, members and member-approved third parties.

    HL7® and FHIR® are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International and the use does not constitute endorsement by HL7.

  • Beyond Compliance: Strategic Support and Consulting

    Compliance isn't the end of interoperability, and the solutions you invest in today will be assets for your organization tomorrow. Taking a strategic approach to interoperability can posture your organization to look beyond compliance and toward improving member experience and quality, reducing medical and administrative costs and developing market intelligence. Our interdisciplinary consulting teams have the expertise to guide you through data modernization, solution testing, security, and ongoing support to improve performance, enhanced member engagement and align business processes. Through our partnership, your interoperability initiative will continue to be supported as you move beyond compliance to enabling innovative business growth.



At Cognizant, we are here to provide you with more information about our TriZetto Healthcare Products software and service solutions and answer any questions you may have.

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