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Whether it’s migrating the entire core infrastructure to cloud service providers, or just simplifying a handful of processes, the cloud represents the digital future. However, companies are struggling to deliver digital initiatives due to lack of expertise, especially in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) domain. To help customer solve the competence challenge, Cognizant is increasing its investments in the Cognizant AWS Business Group.

Amazon Web Services created the cloud computing platform market in 2006, and is now the market-leading platform globally, growing the fastest in the market. What we have seen though, is that customers in the Nordics and Europe are struggling with hiring and contracting technical personnel with AWS experience, something that is hampering their digital initiatives. 

Continously extended expertise

Cognizant has been a strong business partner of AWS since 2008, with over 11,000 AWS certified consultants. Since 2019, Cognizant has acquired AWS expert organizations like Contino and Inawisdom in Europe to improve its offerings. In 2020, we increased our strategic focus by launching the dedicated Cognizant AWS Business Group. The aim was to better help customers harvest the power of AWS, which initially was mainly focused on North America and UK&I.

Now, we are taking the next step by increasing our investment in the Cognizant AWS Business Group even further. Among other things, we are upskilling thousands of employees and have appointed Sophus Slaatta as Head of Cognizant AWS Business Group for Continental Europe. He has helped clients move to the cloud for the last 10+ years and joined Cognizant from AWS. 

Joint solutions and accelerators

Cognizant is one of AWS’s first business partners, with 350+ customers served, among them Deutsche Telekom, Philips, KBC Group and Velliv in Europe, and 450+ projects delivered on AWS. 

To help our customers accelerate their digital transformation, Cognizant has built a number of industry solutions and accelerators. Cognizant’s Digital Services Marketplace built on the AWS platform helps media and communications customers monetize their investments in 5G. The Smart Buildings solution offers insights and intelligence for real estate management. Cognizant’s Cloud Adoption Platform (CCAP) is helping customers modernize their applications through transformation choices on AWS and/or hybrid platforms.

Cognizant and AWS continue to jointly serve our customers with the most innovative solutions built on AWS. Under the leadership of Sophus Slaatta, we aim to accelerate our customer transformations in 2022 and beyond.

Support and future growth for Velliv

In March, AWS and Cognizant arranged an executive lunch event in Copenhagen. We invited Jakob Andersen the CIO of Velliv, the third largest insurance company in Denmark, to share their journey to the cloud with the gathering. 

A few years ago Velliv demerged from their parent entity. To support and enable future growth in a scalable manner, and to serve their customer network effectively the company engaged Cognizant to build their own IT infrastructure. Over the 24-month implementation the client achieved the following benefits: 
•    Established a greenfield infrastructure with cloud-first and NextGen IT solutions
•    Migrated the majority of the IT estate to AWS, strenghtening Velliv’s ability to scale for future growth.

As a life insurance and pension company, the client continuously strives to contribute positively to their customers’ wellbeing and good health. This new IT platform allows the company to achieve this goal while remaining an industry leader. The biggest challenge going forward is ensuring they maintain this same level of return in the long-term.

The full case study: IT Platform Migration for Future Growth
How did an AWS-based cloud platform migration help a Danish insurer to grow in a scalable manner and serve its customer network effectively? Read the case study in the eBook. 

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