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April, 15, 2015

Cognizant Funds 15 Maker Corps Sites to Train Making Facilitators Across U.S., Inspire Youth Interest in STEM


The Cognizant Difference

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Our Approach

Building a solid CRM foundation is no easy task. Organizations must not only identify the best CRM technologies for their business, but must also employ effective change management strategies to align their people and processes with customer relationship goals. Cognizant’s CRM practice possesses significant experience implementing CRM solutions in a variety of industries around the world. We can help your company on a broad range of CRM priorities, from sales management to marketing automation to customer support and service.
We work with a wide range of CRM products, including Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle OnDemand, Microsoft CRM, Amdocs,, Right Now and Cegedim Dendrite. Our services run across the system development lifecycle from development, implementation and maintenance to testing, upgrades and managed services.
  • Sales Management

    Improve customer interactions and boost revenues with sales management tools for compensation, territory management, partner management and sales performance management.
  • Marketing Automation

    Make sure the right messages are delivered to the right customers through the right channels. Leverage our solutions for campaign management, list management and lead generation.
  • Customer Support & Services

    Improve your customer experience by using our case management, field service management and self-service management solutions.
  • Enterprise Data Management

    Enhance customer relationships with a single, accurate and trustworthy version of your data.

Industry Solutions

We offer customized CRM solutions that address specific challenges in financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail and other industries.
Banking & Financial Services
Customized customer account openings, fraud detection and sales force automation for various brokering products.
New customer acquisitions, multiple line of business management, agent lifecycle support and streamlined customer claims.
Life Sciences & Healthcare Key account management solutions, self-service portals, territory alignment applications and business intelligence.
Technology Integrated license and entitlement management solutions.
Retail & Hospitality Full-featured transactional loyalty management.


A Next-Generation Approach to Integrated Warranty Management
For today's manufacturers, warranty management is one of the most tangible customer-facing functions. A next‑generation, closed‑loop warranty system can help companies automate and integrate warranty‑related data to enhance field service and improve the management of returns, repairs and claims.
The Social Media Mandate for the Hotel Industry
It's time for hospitality companies to harness the power of social media by assessing the suitability of various channels for their ability to increase customer engagement, enhance customer satisfaction and improve retention rates.
Wearable Devices: The Next Big Thing in CRM
When integrated with CRM systems, wearable devices offer the same type of digital experience as desktops, laptops, smartphone or tablets, but with the convenience afforded by watches, eyeglasses and headbands. Wearables apply across the CRM spectrum - from sales, to marketing, to services.
Apps for the Connected World: Supercharge Customer Data with Code Halos
By making meaning from the data that swirls around every digital interaction, companies can gain unprecedented insight into what customers and prospects want and value, essentially what makes them "tick."
Cloud CRM's Evolution and Impact on QA
Cloud-based applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems require a testing approach suitable to this platform. We offer such a model, using as one of our examples.
Retail Banking: Delivering a Meaningful Digital Customer Experience
To compete effectively, banks must fully adopt digital technologies to enhance customer experience, by providing mobile banking, omni-channel banking options, digital personal financial management and more.
Ten Commandments of a Winning MDM PoC
Here are some tried-and-true recommendations for creating a proof of concept for master data management that will power your organization through the most common mistakes and challenges.
Back to Basics for Communications Service Providers
Our latest primary research reveals how CSPs can distill meaning from consumers' digital trails to better understand which product and service innovations will resonate and drive growth.
Enterprise Voice Technology Solutions: A Primer
A basic guide to the technology and adoption steps of voice technology solutions for the enterprise, including interactive voice response (IVR), dictation, voice biometrics and speech analytics.
The Future of Contact Centers
Contact centers have become multi-channel, multi-function units for managing customer relationships. As services move beyond phone calls to incorporate other communication channels, organizations must look for ways to provide a consistent, high-quality customer experience at every touch point -- globally and across business dimensions.


  • Customer Information across Bio-pharma systems
  • Spend Management: Process Transformation
  • Better Customer Service with Integrated Contact Center

Customer Information across Bio-pharma systems

For a large bio-pharma company, Cognizant created a single customer management system that combined previously separate systems spread throughout the sales and marketing organization. The new multi-tiered solution was built using a single database to avoid data redundancy and inconsistency and separated business rules from underlying software code. The new system led to more accurate customer information management and better reporting and analysis capabilities. DOWNLOAD PDF

Spend Management: Process Transformation

A top pharmaceutical company needed to upgrade its systems to reach compliance. Cognizant automated and streamlined the company’s processes to reach a state of transparency where proactive monitoring and tracking of spend data were possible. DOWNLOAD PDF

Better Customer Service with Integrated Contact Center

A large U.S. electric utility was experiencing information integration challenges, high maintenance costs and high call handling time with its existing call center application, which was used to log outage-related work requests. Cognizant designed and developed a new trouble and outage call center application with intelligent scripting for customer service. The application provided seamless integration between all of the utility’s major systems and a real-time view of outage information. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • Customer Information across Bio-pharma systems
  • Spend Management: Process Transformation
  • Better Customer Service with Integrated Contact Center

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