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February, 08, 2016

Cognizant Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results


The Cognizant Difference

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Our Approach

Building a solid CRM foundation is no easy task. Organizations must not only identify the best CRM technologies for their business, but must also employ effective change management strategies to align their people and processes with customer relationship goals. Cognizant’s CRM practice possesses significant experience implementing CRM solutions in a variety of industries around the world. We can help your company on a broad range of CRM priorities, from sales management to marketing automation to customer support and service.
We work with a wide range of CRM products, including Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle OnDemand, Microsoft CRM, Amdocs,, Right Now and Cegedim Dendrite. Our services run across the system development lifecycle from development, implementation and maintenance to testing, upgrades and managed services.
  • Sales Management

    Improve customer interactions and boost revenues with sales management tools for compensation, territory management, partner management and sales performance management.
  • Marketing Automation

    Make sure the right messages are delivered to the right customers through the right channels. Leverage our solutions for campaign management, list management and lead generation.
  • Customer Support & Services

    Improve your customer experience by using our case management, field service management and self-service management solutions.
  • Enterprise Data Management

    Enhance customer relationships with a single, accurate and trustworthy version of your data.

Industry Solutions

We offer customized CRM solutions that address specific challenges in financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail and other industries.
Banking & Financial Services
Customized customer account openings, fraud detection and sales force automation for various brokering products.
New customer acquisitions, multiple line of business management, agent lifecycle support and streamlined customer claims.
Life Sciences & Healthcare Key account management solutions, self-service portals, territory alignment applications and business intelligence.
Technology Integrated license and entitlement management solutions.
Retail & Hospitality Full-featured transactional loyalty management.


MDM and Social Big Data: An Impact Analysis
By combining social big data with master data management, businesses can develop personalized products and services, anticipate customer needs and gain competitive advantage.
Creating a Banking Experience that Keeps Customers Coming Back
Today's customer experience is part digital, part physical. Here's how your bank can use customer insights to better engage customers and prospects and create seamless, consistent experiences at every touchpoint.
Why Your Best Salesperson May Be a Customer Support Rep
Using rich data, powerful analytics and integrated toolsets, support organizations in the communications and technology industry can achieve a real‑time understanding of customer challenges, enabling them to convert troubleshooting exercises into rewarding experiences and convert customers into brand ambassadors.
Insights to Deliver a Connected Digital Customer Experience
By using a two‑layered framework, customer service organizations can begin to use Code Halos to intuit customer needs and desires. It also helps provide a more meaningful and engaging customer experience across channels.
Employing Analytics to Automate and Optimize Insurance Distribution
Today's insurers have the opportunity to employ advanced analytics to automate and optimize distribution, analyze and track customer patterns, enhance marketing campaigns, better manage agents and deliver more value to the business and its customers.
Complaints Management: Integrating and Automating the Process
Manufacturers of medical devices are highly regulated and serve various types of customers. Today, these companies can take advantage of a cloud‑based, integrated platform, Cognizant's MedVantage™, to manage and resolve customer complaints and connect with them throughout the complaints‑management life cycle.
Power to the People: Customer Care and Social Media
The growth of social media, including Facebook and Twitter, offers many opportunities for businesses to connect with customers. Nonetheless, most companies still view social media as an extension of their traditional sales and marketing efforts; few are using social media to strengthen customer care and offer customers consistent, seamless and satisfying experiences.
The Impact of Basel III on Intraday Liquidity Management
In response to the 2008 financial crisis, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) instituted Basel III, a framework that includes liquidity ratios to ensure that banks can meet their short‑term financial obligations on time and accelerate compliance with Basel III's regulations for liquidity management and reporting.
A Next-Generation Approach to Integrated Warranty Management
For today's manufacturers, warranty management is one of the most tangible customer-facing functions. A next‑generation, closed‑loop warranty system can help companies automate and integrate warranty‑related data to enhance field service and improve the management of returns, repairs and claims.
The Social Media Mandate for the Hotel Industry
It's time for hospitality companies to harness the power of social media by assessing the suitability of various channels for their ability to increase customer engagement, enhance customer satisfaction and improve retention rates.


  • Customer Information across Bio-pharma systems
  • Spend Management: Process Transformation
  • Better Customer Service with Integrated Contact Center

Customer Information across Bio-pharma systems

For a large bio-pharma company, Cognizant created a single customer management system that combined previously separate systems spread throughout the sales and marketing organization. The new multi-tiered solution was built using a single database to avoid data redundancy and inconsistency and separated business rules from underlying software code. The new system led to more accurate customer information management and better reporting and analysis capabilities. DOWNLOAD PDF

Spend Management: Process Transformation

A top pharmaceutical company needed to upgrade its systems to reach compliance. Cognizant automated and streamlined the company’s processes to reach a state of transparency where proactive monitoring and tracking of spend data were possible. DOWNLOAD PDF

Better Customer Service with Integrated Contact Center

A large U.S. electric utility was experiencing information integration challenges, high maintenance costs and high call handling time with its existing call center application, which was used to log outage-related work requests. Cognizant designed and developed a new trouble and outage call center application with intelligent scripting for customer service. The application provided seamless integration between all of the utility’s major systems and a real-time view of outage information. DOWNLOAD PDF

  • Customer Information across Bio-pharma systems
  • Spend Management: Process Transformation
  • Better Customer Service with Integrated Contact Center

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