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TriZetto Elements® Partners
TriZetto Elements partners operate in cooperation with those TriZetto Healthcare Product offerings that support the administration of Medicare, Medicaid and Dual Eligible health plans. These partner organizations have proven their value by delivering complementary software, services or technology that enhances or expands the functionality and effectiveness of TriZetto Healthcare Products supporting government programs. The businesses and solutions identified here meet the quality and integrity standards we have established for our partner organizations—allowing integration and/or facilitated interaction with our wide array of industry-leading technology for the cost-effective and industry compliant administration of Medicare, Medicaid and Dual Eligible plans.

TriZetto elements® partners


EvolveSPM is specifically designed for health plans and focuses on sale channel incentive compensation and all aspects of sales channel management. EvolveSPM helps Medicare Advantage plans compete by enabling fast, accurate and transparent payments; sales channel support via an integrated portal and integrated managerial work flows; and by ensuring commissions are compliant with current laws.

Become a partner

If your organization offers solutions that could potentially enhance those offered within Cognizant’s line of TriZetto Healthcare Products and provide added value or an enhanced experience for our payer clients, click here. Our Strategic Alliances Team will work with you to determine if a potential partnership is appropriate.

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At Cognizant, we are here to provide you with more information about our TriZetto Healthcare Products software and service solutions and answer any questions you may have.

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