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Support price transparency requirements and provide the personalized cost information members increasingly expect from their healthcare systems.
Whether your organization already uses TriZetto® engagement tools, requires a standalone tool or must build pricing compliance into an existing experience, we have a cost estimation solution for your unique situation. Support compliance and improve member satisfaction with our powerful solutions, which include pre-defined core application programming interface (API) integrations with TriZetto® Facets® and QNXT™ for efficient implementation and real-time data access and estimate calculations.

Cost estimation solutions

Empower your members with up-to-date information to make their best healthcare choices.

TriZetto EngageMember is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) engagement portal that enables members to securely access their claims, coverage, personalized cost and network data in real-time from your core administration systems. It gives members the accurate, up-to-the-minute data they require to make more informed decisions about controlling costs and managing their care.

Deliver personalized information with a standalone tool.

TriZetto Engage Cost Estimator is a standalone SaaS tool that replicates the claims adjudication process to deliver accurate, personalized treatment cost estimates to members on-demand. This easy-to-use tool utilizes real-time data, so your members access personalized cost-sharing information when and where they need it.

Enhance your member experience while supporting compliance with the Cognizant TriZetto Cost Estimate Connector.

TriZetto Cost Estimator Connector enables flexible access to the required data so plans can deliver accurate, personalized cost estimates to members on-demand through digital experience of their choice and powered by API services that mimic the adjudication process with data from the TriZetto core platforms.

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