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We give you the tools your organization needs to realize its innovative ideas in today’s smarter, more connected world.

With the world’s first digital business platform, Software AG paves the way for our customers’ digital journeys across industry verticals. Our holistic suite of solutions includes ARIS, Alfabet, Apama, Terracotta, webMethods and Cumulocity IoT. By combining dynamic apps, data rich IoT, predictive analytics and cloud capabilities into on-premises and hybrid deployment options, we provide our customers the optimal foundation for building out a digital business.

Cognizant has one of the largest pools of Software AG talent in the world. It is an annual sponsor of Software AG’s annual user conference, the Software AG Innovation Tour. Our work together has won several Software AG innovation awards for excellence in optimizing client business processes.

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Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

Cognizant’s Integrated Process Management (IPM) practice works closely with Software AG to provide enterprise software solutions for firms to expedite their digital transformation. These solutions typically employ enterprise architecture tools, microservices architecture (MSA/SOA), hybrid integration, digital process automation, API management, internet of things, complex event processing, real-time applicable insights and cloud iPaaS.

Cognizant collaborates with Software AG through a global Center of Excellence dedicated to helping clients gain better control of event-driven needs across multiple channels. As Software AG’s Global Strategic Partner, Cognizant has extensive experience and expertise in planning, implementing and maintaining our solutions.

Cognizant and Software AG help manufacturers implement industrial IoT services to connect assets with the industrial worker for greater productivity and couple the digital and physical worlds. Cognizant understands the full value chain capabilities needed to enable smart and connected manufacturing processes, and delivers the customer-centric innovation needed to realize Industry 4.0 via Software AG’s digital business platform and Cumulocity IoT.

Together with Software AG, Cognizant helps companies with large IT operations centralize integration and bring cloud and API management capabilities to rapidly implement their digitization strategy. Using Software AG products, Cognizant drives innovations such as fortifying the safety and security of the banking experience for financial institutions, making e-commerce experiences seamless and engaging for retail organizations, and delivering 360-degree visibility to progressive supply chains to efficiently address customer needs.


Our partners hold us to the highest standards.

They know what quality looks like. We’re proud to be recognized by our peers for delivering to the highest industry standards.


Our partnership at work


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