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Cognizant Ocean

Making a big difference in the blue economy

Blue food

Making aquaculture more sustainable, data-driven, and profitable.

Blue energy

Ensuring more reliable energy across land and sea.

Blue life

Ensuring a safer, more resilient water supply.


The ocean freight industry is at a climate crossroads

Maritime shipping is a crucial part of the supply chain, enabling 80% of total trade volume in physical goods worldwide. Due to the size and scale of these operations, vessels like container ships and tankers also account for 3% of global CO2 emissions.

While many carriers are investing in low-carbon fuels and energy-efficient vessels, the large-scale impact of these initiatives is years away. To achieve significant reductions on a larger scale—both short and long-term—the industry needs the right technology and partnerships to increase efficiency, sustainability, utilization and interoperability across the entire shipping value chain.

And that’s where Cognizant® can help.


Slow, costly decarbonization is a risk to long-term viability


of the global fleet won’t meet minimum Carbon Intensity Ratings within 10 years


CO2 yoy increase at the Port of L.A. due to congestion in 2021

$1 M

cost increase (per vessel, per year) to comply with EU emission trading protocols


Insights that make a real impact—in real time

Our solution allows modern shipping companies an unprecedented level of insight and analysis across the entire shipping value chain. Together, we can help predict bottlenecks, identify low-performing nodes, assess future risk and more—all from one easy-to-use dashboard. 


Bringing innovation to the surface

We work with our clients and partners to co-create empowering solutions that help organizations transition from an “as-is/to-be” mindset to an evolutionary model of continuous intervention, improvement and impact.

  • R&D collaboration between Cognizant, clients and partners consulting advisory
  • Transition to net zero
  • AI orchestrates end-to-end transparancy value
  • Sensor applications, Machine Learning Operations
  • Next-gen initiatives create synergies across the Blue Economy
  • Change management keeps transformational efforts on target

Addressing systemic problems with system-level solutions

By combining advanced data models with AI simulations, Cognizant is bringing unprecedented decision-making intelligence to the global shipping industry. We’re empowering the shift from manual monitoring and single-point solutions to holistic orchestration.

Equipped with incident propensity models, mitigation strategies and corresponding impact simulations, organizations can unlock new value and realize significant emission reductions—on a global scale.

Ready to do your part?


About Cognizant Ocean

We take a holistic approach to managing and protecting the ocean’s resources by addressing every aspect of the Blue Economy, from aquaculture and shipping to energy and carbon capture.

Using advanced technologies and a robust partner ecosystem, we gather, analyze and apply data-driven insights to greatly improve the health and well-being of our planet’s oceans—as well as the lives and livelihoods of those who depend on them.

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Each member of our team takes responsibility for creating a culture that enables exceptional experiences.

Gustavo Ostos Rios

Product Owner

Stig Martin Fiskå

Head of Cognizant Ocean

Aksel Hallmo

Commerical Lead

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