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With our AI, IoT, software and cloud capabilities, we are helping organizations harness the power of intuition to anticipate and drive change. Learn how we, among others, helped SailGP and Aston Martin to act on intuition.

Engineering intuition into a business requires far more than upgrading a few systems or bolting on new capabilities. It takes an intuitive operating model: a collection of intelligent and automated business processes, enabled by technology and data, that transform the business into a highly resilient enterprise that can adapt instantaneously.

This is exactly what Cognizant helped the international sailing competition SailGP and the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula™ (AMF1) team do: 

Strengthened sports brand

SailGP set out to build a world-class sports entertainment brand and increase the size of the audience. As an official partner, Cognizant worked with SailGP to lay out priorities for building a single repository of fan data to integrate disconnected audiences from the eight international sailing teams in the league. Other goals included enhancing and localizing the SailGP website to attract investments and fans, and building in marketing and automation capabilities that streamline email, social, mobile and web outreach, enabling the league to act with insight and speed.

Today, a new marketing technology stack, centered on Oracle Marketing Cloud, enables SailGP to increase awareness of the sport, acquire new customers and boost user engagement onsite. SailGP enjoys an optimized fan database that is ready to support automated social, mobile and web programs; improved site structure and navigation; a localized website to reach international audiences in four countries; redesigned upcoming event pages that track customer journeys while engaging and educating visitors. 

The next phase includes the addition of Oracle CX Unity and Customer Data Platform and a formal CRM system. Read the full story about SailGP’s enhancements.

Insights revealed at AMF1 team

To increase its ability to attract more fans, the AMF1 team needed help bringing together disparate data sources that could reveal insights to drive rapid and relevant marketing engagement. The team also demanded new thinking about how to ideally invest to optimize performance, due to new limits on the amount of money each team can spend in a season.

Cognizant built a data and intelligence layer on top of the current ERP system to gain better, more suitable reporting. We also implemented infrastructure, cloud, data and application support to make sure that the technology in the organization works for new hires. Additionally, we performed audience segmentation to enable content curation for specific groups, boosting fan engagement capabilities.

We helped integrate IoT for connected road cars with a unified premium customer experience. In addition, we helped evolve facilities into smart factories, leveraging 5G and IoT to get the best performance and output. 

The new process, integrations and dashboards help management visualize financial data to see, interpret and understand where they want to continue investing. The enhancements also increased insight into AMF1 direct fan relationships, enabling highly tailored digital and physical experiences. Planned projects include building a digital twin of the F1 car and using AI and machine learning – fueled by real-time and past-performance data – to run simulations and make in-race predictions instantly. Read the full story about the AMF1 team.

Learn more about the power that comes from engineering intuition into your business.

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