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Cognizant earned a leader position in the 2021 Everest Group PEAK Matrix report, among 27 IPA solutions providers, and is recognized for its capabilities and market success within the IPA space.

In the study, the IPA solution provider landscape was analyzed across dimensions such as key strengths, limitations and competitiveness. Among other things, Cognizant is said to have an extensive services portfolio, including automation strategy and roadmap creation, change management, and automation program assessment. Further, Cognizant is already helping companies from all major industries and covering key business functions and processes. 

Another factor that is highlighted is Cognizant’s many partnerships with other technology vendors in areas such as RPA, process mining and orchestration, as well as its several customized proprietary solutions.

Cognizant’s real key differentiator, however, is its RPA-as-a-service offering which provides proprietary managed RPA services and solutions for healthcare, mortgage lending and insurance industries. 

Read more in the Everest Group report as well as in our IPA section of the web.

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