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A new study highlights Cognizant as one of the top IT-service providers in the Nordics. Discover some of the key findings from the 2022 Nordic IT Sourcing Study that investigates more than 680 unique IT sourcing relationships.

Cognizant continues to improve customer satisfaction
I am happy to share that Cognizant was among the top 6 companies with the highest rate of customer satisfaction in the Nordics. A total of 23 different IT-service providers were ranked in The 2022 Nordic IT Sourcing Study, conducted by Whitelane Research in collaboration with PA Consulting. 

These excellent results show that our continual focus on getting closer to the customer’s business, people and processes is working. We will continue to deliver value through deep local knowledge combined with global competence - enabling us to utilize, adapt and deliver best practice solutions with competence from all around the globe.

The annual study investigates more than 680 unique IT sourcing relationships and more than 750 cloud sourcing relationships held by over 350 participants of the top IT spending organizations in the Nordics.

We have over the past three years steadily improved our customer satisfaction from 66% in 2020, 71% in 2021 to a score of 76% this year, which is above the average satisfaction score of 72%. In fact, most of our customers were either very satisfied or satisfied with our services which is great feedback to us from our clients.

There are still areas of improvement, and we are continuously working on improving our services in close collaboration with our clients. I would like to thank everyone in Cognizant Nordics, our partners and especially all of our clients.

Scalability is the number one outsourcing driver in the Nordics
More scalability to business remains the number one outsourcing driver for organizations planning to outsource more with 63%, followed by focus on core business (61%) and access to resources/talent (53%). 

Cost reduction continues to decline in importance (down 9% compared to last year). The driver is ranked fourth with a score of 44%, the lowest to date. Combined with growth in the importance of Business transformation, outsourcing is a strategic lever for businesses to reach their goals.

Read more about the findings from The 2022 Nordic IT Sourcing Study

Anne-Sofie Risåsen

SPE Service Line Sales Leader for Northern Europe

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