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Cognizant is helping businesses across the globe become more sustainable through advisory services and tech solutions. Here are some examples from projects focusing on sustainability in industries stretching from manufacturing to water utilities, resulting in less material waste, energy savings and overall optimized processes.

The road to sustainability is not always straightforward. While it might be a bumpy journey, it also offers opportunities to move your organization away from linear, extractive processes towards circular and regenerative business models. We currently see this transformation among most of our clients, independently of industry, and not the least in the Nordics. 

Among our recent projects, some interesting ones deserve to be highlighted: 

  • Smart building solution. Improving energy efficiency, livability, affordability and sustainability of housing isn’t an easy task. We partnered with this social housing company to develop a digital solution that generates real-time analytics to enable the monitoring of building performance. The heart of the solution is a machine-learning software platform that collects data on the building through interconnected sensors. The solution now allows for more sustainable and healthier living, as well as a 10% energy saving and cost savings of £550M+ per year.

  • Improved asset management. Water utility companies are commonly spread out through vast areas, with diverse and connected networks. Thanks to a combination of Google Maps API and the Geocoding API overlays, we provided a clear overview of operational data to this company. A portal for internal and external users for map-based visualization of networks and services was also delivered. All in all, it resulted in improved resource allocation as well as improved services and route planning.

  • Supporting EV transition. The transition to an electric vehicle (EV) culture is impossible without an adequate EV charging ecosystem that resembles traditional refueling. Together with this power company, we developed a modular and customizable digital platform that allows previously incompatible hardware, systems and standards to synergize. It is a platform-agnostic solution that paves the way for new monetization models and, uttermost, accelerates the transition to an all-EV society. 

  • Implementing IoT Center of Excellence. Manufacturers need to adapt to new market needs, optimize products, reduce material demands and enhance the manufacturing processes, all while converging into circular practices and improved energy efficiency. Together with this client, we implemented an IoT Center of Excellence that enables faster production changes and promotes an overall more sustainable operation. Additionally, we formulated strategies for the transformation of the internal manufacturing processes and product preparation.

  • Improving operational sustainability. Multiple manufacturing operations generate segregated systems with a lack of overview, something this manufacturer wished to overcome. We partnered with this client to deliver an end-to-end solution that offers insightful data for better decision-making and improved management. We also built an overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) dash-boarding, containing configuration for key process parameters and remote monitoring. New possibilities like real-time data analytics and predictive maintenance resulted in $500K of new operational value in the first two months.

  • Supporting circular practices through IoT. Manufacturers are commonly shifting to multiple models of circular businesses, focusing on providing a service and not a product. To this client, the shift included the development of smart products with improved quality and also providing its customers with real-time information. We helped develop a roadmap for a Center of Excellence implementation, where data is gathered from sensors with IoT and adjusted for the solution accelerator. The system is configured to provide a clear picture of the equipment performance resulting in reduced costs and less material waste. 

In the Nordics and elsewhere, we help businesses transform with data and technology strategies that can mitigate environmental impact, drive sustainable business models and manage the transition to a net-zero future. To learn more, please visit our sustainability services section

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