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Cognizant Executive Connect

This is a past event:

Cognizant’s yearly event for our key customers and partners to meet and get un update on how to tackle the shifting market landscape.
WHAT: This event is by invitation only for our key clients and partners 
WHERE: Strandvägen 7A, Stockholm
WHEN: 7th September from 15:00–19:00 (including mingle)

15:00–16:45  Meet and get an update on: 

  • Insights on evolving customer preferences and shifting market landscapes
    Mats Johard, Managing Director, Cognizant Sweden
  • From green to deep green – sustainability as a business strategy
    A new Oxford Economist survey introduces five ways to make your business sustainable at the core.
    Philip Smith, Global Head of Sustainability Consulting, Cognizant
  • New investments on how to help ocean industries navigate the effects of over-exploitation and climate
    Cognizant’s new business group sets out to reshape the Blue Economy with digital technologies that help companies reduce carbon output, achieve sustainable goals and improve business outcomes.
    Stig Martin Fiskå, Head of Cognizant Ocean, Cognizant

17:00–19:00  Networking & social mingling 

Mats Johard

Managing Director, Cognizant Sweden

Philip Smith

Head of Sustainability Consulting, Cognizant

Stig Martin Fiskå

Head of Cognizant Ocean, Cognizant