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Forrester has researched, analyzed, and scored the 13 most significant AI consultancies. The report recognizes Cognizant as a leader in data and AI technologies and services, citing us as the right partner to help create a business running on AI.

AI consultancy customers are advised to look for providers that have made the leap and differentiate analytics to AI, address the entire AI system, and are an innovator of both business and AI. According to Forrester, Cognizant is navigating the tricky shift from systems integrator to AI consultant well.

What makes Cognizant stand out then? The significant investments into data science talent, industry expertise, design practices, and technology – including acquisitions – all contribute to a comprehensive AI offering that goes beyond data science and technology.

While early days led to many proofs of concept (POCs), the past year has seen a larger number of production-ready solutions. And Cognizant is helping clients prepare for AI in their business with AI governance frameworks and best practices for working with AI capabilities. Firms ready to move from innovation labs and CTO offices into the broader portfolio of the CIO will find Cognizant is the right partner to help create a business running on AI.

Clients call out Cognizant's willingness to embark on unchartered territory, bring top talent to projects, and stay on top of and ahead of the rapid changes in AI technology. Additionally, Cognizant places significant emphasis on data and offers the AI platform BigDecisions for a comprehensive data foundation. Additional modules provide data science and machine learning capabilities.

Learn more about Cognizant's view on reinventing decision-making with AI.

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