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A major communications services provider (CSP) wanted to translate unknown customer needs into new services. 19 ideas for new services were identified, and thanks to the “Insight to Code” approach insights about human needs can be turned into production-ready code in as little as eight weeks.

How do companies determine what their customers really want and need? And how do they efficiently translate those needs into new services to remain relevant to customers? One way is to observe people’s behavior and to combine human insights with software development. 

This specific CSP turned to Cognizant for help. In the project, Cognizant and ReD Associates, a Cognizant Digital Business strategic partner, observed and analyzed how American families use the internet and smart devices in their daily activities. The study revealed that CSP customers rely on, but do not fully understand internet connectivity. The customers don’t always know how to safeguard and manage their connections or how to use their “smart” devices. The study also found that the customers also felt isolated from other family members who used their devices excessively.

The research produced 19 new service recommendations. Based on the recommendations, the CSP decided to develop an application that let families agree on internet usage terms while the rules were monitored and enforced through the home Wi-Fi router. The CSP also developed a service that enables connectivity between a customer’s smart devices and troubleshoots connectivity issues.

Cognizant’s “Insight to Code” approach ensures a process of continuous improvement, where our digital engineers enhance these applications in rapid sprints, based on feedback about whether the application fulfills the needs identified by the study.

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