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TriZetto Healthcare Products / Trading Partner Management

Strengthen trading partner ties

Consolidating your trading partner ecosystem can drastically improve the efficiency of claims routing and processing.
Cost containment, vendor management and compliance are critical to payer operations. Our TriZetto® Trading Partner Management service lowers operational expenses, consolidates and manages vendor touch points, and ensures regulatory compliance.
Payers are searching for effective ways to reduce administrative costs and streamline operations. One area of high cost and complexity involves the routing of claims to providers. Operating multiple connections to trading partners is expensive and time-consuming for EDI vendors and other parties that, in turn, route claims to providers. It also diverts IT resources from strategic priorities.
From many to one
Our Trading Partner Management service consolidates the number of trading partners a payer must manage from many to just one. The solution:
  • Facilitates the routing of transactions to and from thousands of trading partners
  • Connects directly with clearinghouses and more than 200,000 trading partners
  • Replaces expensive, custom-built one-to-many trading partner solutions with a secure, scalable, many-to-many system
  • Addresses and maintains compliance with applicable regulations
  • Keeps costs predictable with per member per month (PMPM) pricing
  • Maintains unique trading partner selection and governance
  • Reduces payer costs by 20% to 40%

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Our comprehensive, flexible and scalable core administrative solutions enable the digital transformation required for success in the commercial market.

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Build functionality that adapts to meet the complexities and demands of the Medicare Advantage market.


Build capabilities that adapt to meet the complexities and demands of the Managed Medicaid market.


Apply flexible solutions that streamline the coordination of multiple compliance requirements and ease administration burdens.

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