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TriZetto Healthcare Products / Generative AI in Healthcare

Leveraging new technologies

Technology has become both a disrupter and enabler in the operations of organizations throughout the healthcare value chain, transforming the way we provide, consume and finance care.
Leaders from the Cognizant TriZetto Healthcare Products business discuss the impacts of new technology advances on healthcare product development. They address the importance of balancing the potential impact on the delivery and cost of care, regulatory and compliance considerations, and the need for enterprise-wide change management.

In the lead video series

Generative AI | Part 1 Is generative AI all hype?

Using AI to transform healthcare

Generative AI | Part 2 Achieve success with new technology

Key considerations for generative AI technology

Generative AI | Part 3 How are you using technology?

Prepare and retool for generative AI

Generative AI | Part 4 Gen AI and TriZetto solutions

Enhancing the professional community's productivity

Generative AI | Part 5 Customers in product development

Evaluating patterns for future healthcare solutions

Generative AI | Part 6 Regulatory concerns and generative AI

Meeting requirements and securing information

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