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Unlock business value with public cloud

Public cloud is the biggest business enabler in a generation. Cognizant builds cloud solutions on AWS that are secure, scalable and cost-effective—and that ensure energy companies deliver real value.

Turn your complex, fragmented data environment into a unified ecosystem. Partner with our team to establish a single source of truth for data on AWS infrastructure.


Achieve faster resource development

Our offerings enable energy providers to shorten their exploration and development timelines. We help upstream, geoscience and petroleum engineering workflows become more efficient, and we partner with providers to ensure the most effective architecture, operating strategy and cost management.

Gain the scale and power of HPC

As the only global systems integrator with the AWS high-performance computing (HPC) competency, we architect solutions for high-demand workloads on AWS infrastructure. Upstream oil and gas companies’ in-house seismic processing; ensemble reservoir simulation modeling; and AI/ML workloads can all benefit from the scale and power of an AWS HPC solution designed and delivered by Cognizant.

Eliminate barriers to data integration

Data management and integration is a continuous challenge in the energy space. Our expertise in bringing together multiple data streams informs companies’ cloud data strategy to remove barriers to data integration and usability.

Turn IoT data streams into a real-time view of operations

As sensors become ubiquitous, IoT data streams are generated from physical assets across a company’s dispersed infrastructure. We turn these streams into a real-time view of your operations. We monitor performance, predict points of failure and deliver critical analytics to guide agile business decisions.

Manage risk and operating models related to climate change

Cognizant’s sustainability services help Global 2000 companies address their environmental challenges. We translate goals into action that enables energy companies to manage climate change-related risks and new operating models. Delivering solutions on AWS infrastructure is one element of a holistic approach to reducing a company’s carbon footprint.

Sharpen insights into operations

For the global energy industry, tracking and managing fixed and mobile assets are major challenges. Cognizant’s expertise across industries and solutions built on AWS infrastructure deliver real-time insight to operations teams.

Gain the benefits of modern software development

Energy companies gain big business benefits by moving legacy software applications to cloud-based implementations. We focus on value streams, embed modern software development best practices in our clients’ operations and shift mindsets to innovation and collaboration.

Unlock the potential of cloud

Maximize the value of cloud by accelerating your transformation to unlock its full potential. Whether your migration is a lift-and-shift stepping stone to longer-term modernization or a complete transformation to cloud native and containerization, our services deliver outcomes that enable energy businesses to focus less on IT and more on innovation, investment opportunities and growth.

Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.