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AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency

Transformative travel and hospitality solutions

Together, Cognizant and AWS provide targeted solutions to hotels, airlines, restaurants and other tourism-related businesses, helping them to quickly adapt to behavioral changes among markets and consumers.
We apply tools and accelerators that expedite implementations, drive business benefits and achieve a lower total cost of ownership for our clients.
We’re also helping global travel and hospitality companies accelerate their growth and innovation plans for the future.


Omnichannel food ordering experience

Cognizant OrderServ® is an omnichannel ordering solution built on AWS and designed for the food services industry. Customers can order from anywhere, any time and from any device—whether they’re heading home, sitting in stadiums or boarding an aircraft.

An end-to-end food ordering solution, Cognizant OrderServ integrates seamlessly with restaurant point-of-sale systems, kitchen display systems, master data management, payments services, loyalty, social media and other enterprise applications. It combines orders with every aspect of the business, from kitchen management to the enterprise systems that track sales and transactions.

Generate insights and automate workflows

Cognizant Hawkeye is a low-code platform built on AWS that provides an environment for developing business applications and automated workflows with minimal code. It can integrate, transform, visualize and analyze data from a variety of sources. Hawkeye can also generate insights, resolve anomalies and proactively identify issues and bottlenecks.

Cognizant achieves AWS T&H competency

As an AWS travel and hospitality competency partner, Cognizant demonstrates a proven track record of technical proficiency and customer success.

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