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How HPC helps your business

HPC minimizes performance and integration requirements, reducing risk and development time. Because it separates resources using virtualization, massive task bundles are processed at the same time to meet real-time business requirements.
HPC modernization happens at the infrastructure, platform and application layers using Cognizant frameworks and our flagship Cognizant® Cloud Acceleration Platform (CCAP) and plugin ecosystem.
CCAP provides an end-to-end solution—from assessment to transformation of workloads through to the deployment of applications both on and off the cloud. This offering also uses Elastic Fabric Adaptor (EFA), cluster placement groups and supports HPC workloads.


HPC advisory services

Cognizant conducts workshops and offers advisory services on HPC and quantum computing technology and platform capabilities for business executives and technical experts. Learn more about software and hardware state, use cases, scheduling, algorithms and a roadmap to leverage all that these technologies offer.

Test, analyze and verify

Validation confirms that software does exactly what it is designed for and fulfills its intended purpose. Our thorough user testing and training ensures the appropriate use and value of each application.

Oversight, visibility and insights

Our three-tiered support model, composed of the executive steering committee, program management organization and workstream leads, ensures the appropriate oversight and mechanism for support escalation.

Deep industry expertise

Cognizant works with scientists in various fields to implement algorithms and applications efficiently in a distributed computing environment.

We collaborate on research projects involving HPC algorithm acceleration, data modeling and machine learning. This includes image analysis using C++/OpenCV, Hadoop-accelerated text mining and pattern matching, and automated systems administration using novel algorithms.

Scalability, availability and resiliency

We have implemented the latest technologies and architectures such as Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA), Hadoop, RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) or InfiniBand over Ethernet (IBoE) as well as processors and compilers to solve problems in a wide range of areas.

Cognizant has also developed software in C++, R, Fortran, Python and other languages for researchers to use in an HPC environment with single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) acceleration and message passing interface (MPI) for high throughput, high performance computing.

Cognizant achieves AWS HPC competency

Cognizant is proud to be one of the few AWS competency partners to have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with HPC solutions in areas such as high performance solvers, HPC platforms and workload management.

Our extensive experience in healthcare and life sciences enables us to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of these customers.

AWS partner HPC software competency badge

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